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Dante parts 1 and 2 of 3

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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 11:19 AM
Dante part 1 of 3 -1996 by Michael John Griffiths

Dante I walk beside you
Astray upon these city streets
Seeing Hell in the corruption of the soul
Like you I have been lost

Blinding light amongst dark potent matter
Galaxies spin out their divine truth
Divine as a child's experience
When all is well all harmonises

Yet my mind weighs heavy with a sad tale
This harsh ground, this world
Where stardust dreams are ground to nought
In a diminished place where nothing grows

On the click clacking computer screen
Where nothing is quite what it seems
Sixteen point three million pixels beam
Elemental conjurings that transcribe the scene-

Hark! The Herald Angels hollow call
Swirling in airs through glittering halls
Where shackles forged for children's souls
Adorn cardinal crimson cloistering walls

Beltching golden wisdom from its pouting arse
A rather reticent gargoyle scurries by
Leaving a stench of secrecy
Oh! Agony and comedy, parading its silken treachery
Throughout bloody history
There from a lofty latin balcony
Blessings wing from conspiring hands
For vicous fools that rule the lands

Who would enter this arena
The cob webbed rows of our forefathers
That govern with an iron hand
That swept the peasant off the land
Spewing forth their obsolete chant
"Fear the light, kill who you have to
Offer the had that held the sword"
They cover their tracks, are above reproach

There is a sign on a door - marked "Our Masters"
To which a jakanape inscribed-
"Break it down it's full of bastards
Let us see who is hiding there"

Doves with the heads of eagles
The Holy of Holies - that cracked crock of gold
Rent asunder, invaded from inside out
So what price the soul when flesh is soil

Shoddy gods strut about in ceremoniuos hypocrisy
This Brave New World Order madness
Is splattered across Hells vivid canvas
As I walk beside Dante and gaze to the stars.

Dante - part 2 of 3 08 / 02 / 2011

Dante turned and engaged me:-
“Stay close, for there is danger.
The way is treacherous, thy pride may fall,
In the dark night of the soul.

Steep, this mountain's path,
Nought but caverns for crude shelter,
From wrathful blasts of resentful rain,
And you may never be the same again.

See below, the ravaged land,
Of soured milk and honey.
Hate and lust engulf love,
You will find no comfort there.

Chaos sweeps the ground.
The very Earth's turned upside down
As fire spits from the Sun
This modern age comes undone.

No more mere conspiracy.
No more The Global Tyranny.
Too late now their hidden hand,
For Mother Nature must heal her land.

I see trepidation paints thy features.
Conjuring what is and what may be.
I sense your insecurity,
It does cause thy spirit to pale

Pray be still awhile,
For others have passed this way before,.
Knowing survivals best resource, is to care for one another.
They did plant Love's seed, in the garden of the child in thee

In long ago dreams of far away lands,
Guided by a sign,
Attracted unto this sphere,
Where Earth and Heaven entwine.

Nothing stands between,
What the soul seeks, the soul sees. perfect harmony,
Oh Glorious be The Maker,
Of this beautiful Creation.

I feel it inside me, out there in the World.
I see it all around me, In the Universe.
From Canada to Japan, from Orion's Sword to Alderbaran
I hold no want but to Be, and live in peace beside thee.

Every soul shall have a choice.
The great unsung shall find their voice,
And all the World will know”
Said Dante, offering me his cloak.

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edit on 8-2-2011 by artistpoet because: (no reason given)


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