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End of the World Syndrome

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posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 03:12 PM

Originally posted by Sanity Lost

Yes, I'm one of the "board or disappointed with there lives" people. I'm going back to school to do something worthwhile but I feel it will all come to nothing as the world changes or ends as explained on various threads on ATS.

I won't be a survivor to any SHTF catastrophe as I can barely get by with the current blizzard we are having and need for medical care that will not be here in a SHTF world. My wife and I have decided to take our own lives when this even takes place as death will come to us in time anyhow.
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Wow... no need for that.

Here is the deal. We have "Continuity Of Government" plans in place. Don't fall for the "Madmax" scenarios that are always depicted. We may fall under some bad times due to a natural or manmade disaster and we need to be ready to take care of ourselves for 18-24 months max (expectation).

We may be on our own for 18-24 months but I fully expect a recovery. We may have chaos in a "disaster" but we will recover in almost all cases.

We wouldn't have a fraction of the "Chaos" worry if people would have a season worth of food. Food is what will drive Chaos in almost all "Threat accessed" scenarios.

Sure, some people cannot afford to have months worth of food but not as many as you think. In my view, if People have a 50 inch bigscreen TV, Xbox, Blue Ray, cable, cell phones, etc. and do not have stored food then those People are idiots.
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posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 08:14 PM
reply to post by Control

I can actually see the Christian thing. I have been thinking in my head how this group that is determined the second coming will be in May. I am sure this will precipitate some backlash but honestly I wouldn't put it past some extremist Christians to try and bring on the apocalypse themselves. I actually made a post at one point about the feasibility of a fake Christ or even something as far as that one episode of the Outer Limits where they tried to clone Jesus with the Shroud of Turin and it turned out to be an alien. Anyway, the point is I know there are fundamentalist Christians out there that are capable of trying to force there beliefs on others. Before anyone starts in on it I am not labeling all Christians, but there are those of every religion that takes things to the extreme.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 08:51 PM
Where did this all start?
Books, Internet, Movies, History Channel, Internet sites like this one, neighbors talk, friends talk, coworkers talk,
relatives talk. Most people do not appear to care or be concerned with the 2012 idea. They think its entertainment to make money. Only people who have researched this problem and all the consequences worry. Life is fragilily constructed around electricity. Without it we are doomed in many ways.

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