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Maybe true story of why Evil, Reptilians, and Illuminati are in existence

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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 03:00 PM
OK, I don't know if this is true or not, I'm just regurgitating my understanding. I know, I don't fill in a bunch of holes because I'm too lazy, and I don't entirely understand it. I'm just dumping it here so that you can think with it, as not much many people know about it. I know it sounds unbelievable, and who knows. We've been deprived of the full story, because we are food sources to these people, and it would be unclever to let us know that they are herding us.

This is only my current understanding of what is going on, from my reading various sources, and a big chunk of what I am about to say, is my interpretation of Diane Stein's explanation of how duality began in a Cosmos prior to this one in Essential Energy Balancing 3.

Part 1

The way it was before evil began.

Eons and eons ago, picture this, there are God and Goddess beings, light beings, enjoying human physicality on a planet, what you can consider the original Eden. They enjoy really advanced technologies, like sentient light ships that have a conscience of their own. They are harmonious society.

Part 2.

The Fleetwood Meltdown nuclear explosion that created the first Evil Beings.( The ACCIDENT that started it all)

OK, there were two ships in the area that were using very different technologies, but, I can't remember why, but there ended up being a terrible nuclear explosion that killed a bunch of these physically embodied Gods and Goddess that were on these ships, but a few men survived. On one ship was Ophion, on the other was Belial, Kore, Set, and The Mastermind, and the Fragment- the latter two, I think they were AI sentient machines( please read the book for a better understanding) Ok, the deadly radiation energy didn't kill these guys, but it turned their original light resonance to reversed polarity. This was an extreme amount of negative energy, but it did not kill them, but it made them pure evil, and it made them repelled to solar fussion, or something like that. They became tortured evil souls, but unlike the other Gods and Goddesses that died in the big nuclear explosion, they were not recycled into the void. But the Gods and Godesses are powered by suns, something like that. That is their battery. But now that these beings are evil and experienced a god awful trauma that involved solar fussion powered ships clashing with some nuclear fission ships, they feel an extreme agony, and repellence toward the light.


How are former light beings reverse polarized gonna feed themselves if now they are repelled towards the light?

They have to find a new energy source. OK, so they convince Eurynome, a Goddess, who did not turn evil by reverse polariziing in the nuclear explosion to sympathize with them, ( I think people confuse her and Eve ) I can't remember the rest of the story with Eurynome, except that she helped them. ( Obviously, even in their innocence, you could coax light beings to help bad guys, because they were that innocent and inexperienced baack then)

OK, all souls in this universe come from 4 Godesses who create and encode the souls of all the people that exist, maybe that's not entirely true though, but anyway, these are Aiyisha, Aliya, Persephone and Nepthys, remember that different gods are like craftsmen for different jobs in the scheme of creativity of stuff in the Cosmos.

So Ophion, Belial, Kore rape these Godessess to create offspring, but guess what? The babies are mutated and all males. They are reptilians because the mutated survivors original light strand is polarized, so it has a repelence toward " the light" which means that the babies are crustacean forms, which do not absorb the 7 rays from the sun. Humans and mammals can absorb these rays from the son, we are mini light beings. But those who are dark beings, who are reverse polarized, can't get the nutrient 7 rays from the sun, except indirectly, like, by drinking the nutrients from our bodies. So they are the ultimate meat eaters.

4. The Dark Beings are the ultimate Karma Evaders. They do not want to be recycyled, and they go from lifetime to lifetime hijacking bodies they did not earn with their advanced metaphysical technologies, so that they can continute amassing DNA, manipulating societies, herding their food source, humans, because by jacking our adrenochrome and innards they can bypass the original power source of light beings, which are the the suns and the 7 rays. This is just the way it is for these dark beings. To continute to power the Top Dogs, they need to create loyal offspring hybrids that infiltrate socities to herd the cattle that supply the nutrients that they cannot get directly from the sun anymore, because they are reverse polarity.


These Beings are absolute pure evil. Their offspring the crustaceans atrophy, without the blood, hence hemophyliac and vampires and reptilians. These beings can't' get the 7 rays the way you and I can. They are extremely repelled to any light beings. That is why they created Satanism because the pain and agony frequencies resonate with their chronic state.

6. They created Satanism

The Satanic brotherhhoods were the perfect way to have a food source for the heirarchy. They protect these unfortunately vampiric energies. We are talking about a heirarchy that goes from higher density to physical hybrid beings. Their sustenance is negative energy and the hormones that are created in human bodies under extreme fear. The places were the reptilians and the xenobreeds live are places were little children are killed or places were mass slaughters and holocaust have taken places. These places feel like home to them. They cannot stand the light beings, because they died in a solar nuclear meltdown OK.

7. The Illuminati are basically the children who infiltrate human planets to herd the cattle.They are loyal to the heirarchy. They sustain their parents, the Dracos, and on up the ladder by creating all these wars that create mass deaths every 50 years for their parents to feast, because that's how they power themselves. The opposite of the way light beings power themselves, directly from the sun, they don't do this because they are reverse polarized. They do it indirectly through our blood.

8. We are basically the minions of light beings, we were created with a small enough endownment of energy, so that evil twins cannot be created. You know how the Gods and Godesses turned evil? If we end up dying in a nuclear meltdown, we won't become powerful evil beings like those guys did, because we are super tiny in comparison to them. Basically, the Gods and Godessess have created us to be smaller than them and they need us to evolve spiritually so that we cannot be tempted like Eurynome or like Eve, who easily can be turned to the dark side. So they created us to evolve and learn from Karmic situations, but this has proved to be super slow for our evolution, and add to that that the reverse polarized heirarcy, the bad guys, have interfered with us by hijacking this planet from the original owners who were the Pleiadians, who were also of the light, and who are our ancestors.

9 Light Being, Goddess and Gods cannot incarnate anymore into human physicality, because if a nuclear meltdown happens, they can turn into evil beings, that is why they need individual humans to evolve on an individual basis, so that they can add a higher endowment of energy to you you, so that they can trust that you will not turn to the dark side. Any God or Goddess can merge with you, once you attain a certain level of spiritual discernment, so that they can help you help in the name of collective goodness and brotherhood in the universes. All light beings are psychic and belong to the same matrix.

10. Your existence here does matter. They are just waiting for you to become trustworthy enough so that they can merge with you and know that you innately understand your interconnectedness with all beings, so that you choose good or evil, before endowing you with higher powers. Besides, whenever you come in with a higher endowment of higher power, it shows up as an auric glow, and the evil beings can tell who is endowed with higher powers by this noticiceable glow that is how ghost gravitate toward psychics because they have the glow. Besides, you don't really want to have " the glow" if your not at a high enough level of spiritual integrity and discernment, because the so called demonic entities, which really belong to the reverse polarized being heirarchy usually try to attack those with the glow. That is why your higher self wants to make sure you are ready for the higher endowment.

11. Any God or Goddess being that merges with you will tell you that they are actually you in the future, which is true, because any entity of the light is hooked up to the big supercomputer storehouse of knowledge so that every experience of anybody is known by them.

12. In Ministry of Angels, Jesus tells a nurse, who is feeling like judging a sinful patient, " In as much as ye do it to another, in as much ye do it to me"

Everything you think, say, and do is an experience that is known by light beings, they can tap into it just as if they had experienced it themselves. So you need to know that the Goddess and God beings know who you are, they know the way that you think, and they know if you are trustworthy enough to be endowed with the higher energy.

13. Of course, the offspring and minions of the Dark Forces go about things in a different way. They do black magic, pain drug hypnosis, and other messed up stuff to merge with humans, which is the way of the bad guys. They are on an eternal run from the void and they will kill you if they have to to protect their heirarchy and mafias that fortress their operations, after all, they do not want to be recycyled into the void for karma paybacks. They enjoy the upper hand they excercise on you guys.

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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 04:44 PM
Actually there is evil around us because of the society we live in.

If everybody is equal and everybody has power (not the communist socialist type) and everybody has equal amounts of money and most important we are all united evil will slowly dissapear.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by AlexIR

Yep, but they are running the show and corporations that feed us. They make us dependent on them by monopolizing the natural resources of the planet. We give them their power by not having the discernment to see through their intentions.

Most importantly it's our lack of spiritual discernment that keeps them in power. As long as the population buys into the idea that we are meat bodies and not immortal spirits, they will totally enslave us.
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posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by Pocky

There is a saying in my country "Don't dig another's hole because you will fall into it" (burial hole) and thats basicaly what we did by creating money.

The first moment money started to become like a god to us we were destined to fail. Its like creating your house like a prison and then go into it.

I don't say there isn't spirituality involved, i myself am trying to reach a higher spiritual level so that might be a part of the big picture too.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by AlexIR

Oh lord, I guess we really need to watch out, cause the pyramid of lies is bigger and bigger than we know. This interview makes me wonder just how many groups are being lied to. Beware of the ascended masters, the ashtar command and all these groups. There seem to be a ton of groups playing Gods. We just don't know who are deceiving.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 02:21 PM
Satan is ruling the world, that's why they exist. Pure and simple. It's all in the bible!
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