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The Launch of the EX- 001 Colonel Boyd

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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 07:25 PM
We all know our basic history of the second phase of the space program... Led by a maveric in their backyard so to speak, a crew was assembled to build the first electrogravic powered ship.

Or do we???

What was the crime the Captain was wanted for? We know the records where siezed by the feds, and under copyright and trademark laws the records where sealed away....

The love stories true beginnings.... Between the capatain and the yeoman....

What equipment was stolen to construct the Colonel Boyd ?

What exactly caused the local police to arrest one of the crew members a day before the launch? We know from history they went silent...

Where were the missing years of research on electro-gravics.... How did the captain get ahold of them...

How exactly did they construct the Boyd.... The architech of the Colonel Boyd was Captain Andrews.. Where did the former seaman get the skills necessary to build the ship..... Let alone the majaority of the systems...

And the most important Question of all, how they got away with it....

Brought to you by ATS web services intl copyright 2112

This web exclusive brings together the crew logs from the EX 001 Colonel Boyd... As only we can bring it to you...

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 08:17 PM
I think you posted the wrong video

posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 06:17 PM
This log seems to be just about the day after they supposedly came up with the scheme to construct what would become the EX-001 Colonel Boyd.....

Video Camera comes on...

Lens auto zoom onto Andrews....

" Personal log... Alpha Cero Bravo Seirra....," A deep laughter escapes his throats. (the type that comes from deep in the chest)

"I have always wanted to do that. I am now offically captian... I have a crew of three people, counting myself... We have no ship just yet... no supplies, and no backers..."

"Hey, Red, you talking to your self?," an older male voice came into the room from a nearby hallway...

"Nope, making the first part of the recordings..." Mixing in with the smell of dirty dogs, potatoes cooking," Kyle, let me finish this crapola and I will be out for dinner in about ten minutes."

"Alright, it wont be ready till then..."

"The only reason I am making this recording is that future generations realise what we accomplished. You should know who I am."

Andrews steps back in his black jeans and black jazz t-shirt...

"Most historians want to know why, and most women want to be entertained," a cat eating the canary look crosses the captains face...

"Turn the volume down if your listening in public... Make sure no one under eighteen is listening... and watch out for the moral police... you checked, good..."

Andrews keeps laughing, as he pours the grape amp into a wine glass... Holding it like a classic villian he sits down, as he chair slowly turns to the camera...

"Cool huh... Now that it is just us I trust you to keep this just between us... You see by the time you watch this we will have suceeded or we will be dead... So i can take you at your word."

Pausing and looking deep into the camera, "you sitting down. I Captain Andrews am out on bail... More, ok... My court case is not scheduled for six months... In the next six months I along with what crew I have, will be making the ultimate run for... Forget mexico, forget canada, forget the camen islands, we are going into outer space..Betcha the Texas Rangers cant get up there."

From outside, A car door closes and in about thirty Kyly seconds, a knock on the door. Kyle's heavy footsteps walk down the hall as he gets to the door, "Jamal come on in you know your welcome here..."

"Ah, my other crew member. Jamal and kyle are the original wingmen... They bring age and experience to the team... I know they have not accomplished a lot in their life but that is because they have lacked the proper leadership. With the few leadership skills I have I intend to maximize all our abilities. My best is ..."

They walk down the hallway, chatting in voices muffled by there foot steps... Having paused...

"Me, I am out on bail for attempted murder." An icy tone seems to take over his voice, "So far it has cost me ten thousand dollars, my wife, and my son. Round one to my mother-in-law... Congrats witch it aint over yet." doing a rocky impersonation, "I aint heard no bell."

A manical laughter escapes his lips... "What? the insanity part..." He reaches to the desk an pulls out a piece of paper. "The VA denied my claim for benifits. They also turned me away and sent me to parkland... who sent me to adapt. Adapt then diagnosed me as multiple personalitiy and the SSI said I was anti-social... I am avereging a 45 on my GAF..."

Again the maniacle laughter, "I even told them I intend to kill her... You would think they would have locked me up... no They released me.. And to top it off no meds yet."

Putting his hand up andrews, motions for stop, "I digress. This is also supposed to cover the crew... Kyle is a good and loyal friend. When my wife told me I could not be there because CPS placed our son with my mother in law. I was left homeless..."

His eyes closed and he took a deep breathe, "At three oclock in the morning after not seeing me for five years Kyle gave me a place to sleep... He knocked over a matress in the spare room and said ' go ahead and crash.' Loyalty is what he brings to this crew. He also was a boswains mate in the coast gaurd. He has aquired a few other skills over the years."

"Hey salior, food's ready!"

"Gimmie about five minutes then I'll be out there!" Andrews turned back to the camera, "The va is giving him 40% for hyper stres hyper tension non service connected. He weighs about 325lbs and is about 5'9. On a spaceship? Well you pick your crew and build your own space then you can run it your way." Doing a childish sticking his toungue out, he returns to the flow of conversation. " You see he also survived a few years huslting pool, went to school for nuclear medicine, and did time as a prison gaurd..."

"Hey red, it alright if I have a mountain Dew?"

"Go ahead Jamal," the captain yells back.

"Thanks!," he yelles back.

"Jamal, is quite an interesting character. He has a masons ring but no electricity or water in his trailer. He does carpentry and is a certified CNA. he also has had open heart surgery... A cyborg of sorts with what we call pacemaker. We helped him put up the iron fence all the way around his property."

Kyle knocks, pauses As he opens the door. "Your wifey just called. What do you want me to do?"

"Let the voicemail handle it."


"Ok enough interuptions... The game plan... firt some crusing music..."

He reaches over and types into youtube the songs list... he chooses and hits play...

"These people I am dealing with are not playing fair... so neither will I." Smiling, he leans back and sips the amp from the wine glass. "The plan is simple... build a supercomputer, acquire the base hull, build the engine and launch... To this end We will acquire ever part we need and expand the crew by what ever means are available. Let none stand in our way. In fact, I have to go get them in on the first stage... We have to steal a whole semi full of electronic parts... Wish us luck..."

The log ends on this note. Already it defers from offical history in that their is no mention of the theft of a semi truck full of computers. Out on Bail, for attempted murder? It was never mentioned at all... OMG!!!!

posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 07:50 PM
Now this next short documentary parts again with standard technological evolution

The camera flicks on...


Andrews turns and faces the camera, "Oh now you want to come on you digital backwater experiment...."

He throws another green wafer and screams....

A weird globish looking thing sits in the middle of a workbench....

"This is Bull... the whole thing should work... "

He throws the soldering gun across the room.... The camera catches him slamming the door...


30 minutes later roughly

Two males enter the door... one heavier set and about 25... the other is about 19ish... their predominately Jewish nose is present...

"You smell that?"

"Yeah, got it..." The heavier set man picks up the soldiering iron... "With all this garbage around here I am surprised this crap didnt burn down.."

Looking around Steve walks up to the workbench and immediately becomes fascinated... In fact he becomes enthralled looking a three globish looking things and reading hand written notes... after speed reading he looks over as he runs his hands over a carved note....

1/3 googleplex..... burned into the workbench

"No way!"

"Steve what is so special..." He looks at the carving, "Listen, Steve.."

"Shut up Phillip... hand me that soldering iron... Your friend may have done something beyond your comprehension..."

"Please he has no education.."

"Yeah, and you still think that the job you get is all that counts... His formulas here with the paperwork is amazing... "

"What?" Phillip had a surprised look

"He solved a lot of problems... I think with the education he would be even more dangerous..." Steve sits down and starts connecting the globish thing to a motherboard... "Go get my laptop from the car...... "

"Just because..."

"Listen, your friend may have created the first google-plex computer... He tried and built three of these things... He just may of had to simple issues... programming and a few different connections..."

"That is impossible, you cant.."

"Phillip just go get my laptop... I think I can get this running.... " As he picks up a half broken motherboard, "By the way what ever your friend is up to brother I am in..."

"Well he was talking insane about building a spaceship."

Laughter escapes from Steve, "Well he definitely has the processing power... After you find the laptop... Go get your friend and bring him back... "

With a confused look, Phillip looks at his brother....

"Listen this alone is worth millions whatever he is up to that requires this is going to be worth billions... Their are only a few things I can think of that require this much computing.." Steve looked at Phillip, "Tell him were in and I need his help to finish this..."

As his brother leaves, "No wonder mother has issues with him..."

The next twenty minutes go buy as Steve tries to hook up the components... the camera cuts off
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