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Missing Cuban Official Stirs Questions Over Defection, U.S. Food Aid Program

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 08:24 PM

Snippet from posted link:

"If they were going to detain Cuban government officials for corruption, they would have to find a very huge jail because corruption is something that happens at all levels," he said."In order to survive in Cuba, everyone has to break the law."

Cuban officials claim he has defected to the United States. Calzon says he's been informed that Alvarez is in the country and is speaking to U.S. officials although he wouldn't reveal his source. But an official with the State Department told that it has no information on Alvarez's whereabouts or status.

John Kavulich, a senior policy analyst at the U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council, told that he has known Alvarez since 1997 and believes Alvarez is in the United States though he said he has not had any contact with him.

"Nor do I expect to," he said.

But Kavulich said Alvarez could embarrass several officials, including U.S. lawmakers, if he reveals the lengths that some of them went to win more business on the Caribbean island.

"He could, if he felt like it, and he believed it, he could make some politicians look like buffoons -- the U.S. lawmakers who went down there and was salivating all over them," Kavulich said.

But U.S. lawmakers who have met Alvarez during visits to Cuba said that any allegations of corruption involving Alvarez's dealings had no bearing on their talks.

I would be real curious to find out if he really defected or if he was"disposed of" for information he had? working with any government seems to be getting more treacherous by the day. Politicians don't like to look like buffoons. What does he know?
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