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The Best conspiracies are in your face

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 04:32 PM
The Best conspiracies are in your face

I am an avid reader of Above Top Secret and find most topics interesting if not informative even to the point of adopting outlooks on life from vitamin D3 to politics but something worries me, posters here see conspiracies from Kennedy (without doubt not one man) to 911 (not proven but smells worse than a whores knickers) and all flavours between and you all miss the truth. The best conspiracies are in your face and we all buy into them.

A Potted history according to me

The ‘Great War’ (If you like that sort of thing) or ‘The First World War’ (as long as you disregard all the others).
At the beginning of the war to end all wars the average Joe was far from being a killing machine and this was a problem. He asked why and often did not pull the trigger and end a life of someone he had no hatred for. He had to be brutalised and trained to kill his fellow man. Our armed forces call it training, its true name is conditioning. You could call it mind control.

Fritz, Pier and Tommy died in their thousands, hundreds of thousands in the muddy fields of France Lead by Generals that gave not a fig for their lives and in fact history shows they despised their own men for not being more enthusiastic in giving away their lives at their better’s whim on all sides. Not wanting to be left out Joe from over the pond came to donate further lives on mass to a war that to this day has never had the reasons for it really been made common knowledge.

In these fields the notion of comradeship and the rights of the common man spread amongst the disposable classes and unlike before the war they were quite able to pull a trigger, trained to disregard the lives of others for nothing other than a superior’s orders. They had by experience also decided who the real enemy was and it was not the Hun or the Tommy or the yank depending on whose side you were on. It was the ruling classes, the owners of so called democracy.

True not the majority of returning soldiers sought change. The horrors they had witnessed most had not awoken but a significant few had. Enough for the returning heroes to be demobbed at gunpoint at their homeland ports.

So between the wars the common man fought for social change despite brutal resistance from the great and the good of their respective countries.

It took another world war (amongst all the others) that gave women a sense of self importance and proof of equality with men to finally burst the dam of the ruling class’s control and a spur to continue to press for change.

I can only speak from what I know of the UK but we had a revolution of sorts. The returning heroes who unlike their fathers and grandfathers demanded the promise of a land fit for heroes be honoured and were willing to die for it. They also had support from the civilians fresh from the blitz. More precisely the demobbed soldiers were willing to kill the ruling classes if needed and were trained how to. At least that is what the rulers feared.

From these times we gained the National Health, Social Housing and Union rights. It was not easy even then but the common man prevailed, mainly because he had faced death on the battle fields for no reason so why not in the streets for his own good for a change. Again his biggest threat was apathy from those that should have been in support.

To The Crux

I have set out the history as best I can in as short as I dare. (I bet a lot have turned off already: author’s notes)
So now we come to the conspiracy. (This is UK based but I bet wherever you hail from you will see the same).

As far as those that are in charge are concerned health for the masses comes at a price, a price they are not prepared to pay even if it comes from the taxes the masses pay. There must be profit. Furthermore there must be control of the underclass’s numbers how better accomplished than with the help of ignorance and squalor. Our new coalition government is about to rip it apart.

Why educate nation if you have inbuilt redundancy from birth. In this case education gives those with no future enough knowledge to understand they never had one. True education was only ever meant for the rich. Education for the poor was a reaction to keep the urchins occupied when child labour was outlawed.

The rich do not, as many think quantify their status by pounds/dollars in the bank but by property owned. Lady Thatcher (A putrid politician not a feminine never region shaver) gave us the freedom to buy rented homes. We all fell for the lie. Before this most working classes lived in rented housing and jobless or not could depend on a roof over their and their kids head. By buying these homes they once again became tied properties as before the two great wars. Lose your job, lose your home. Control re-established. The bonus, the working classes actually believe they have bettered themselves.

My Conclusion

It took two world wars to awaken the common man. Millions died to open their eyes to the in equality they faced. Many years of struggle and pain followed but we reached a point of comfort and then went back to sleep. While we have slumbered we have been sold a pup. The promise of choice and freedom and all it has cost us is choice and freedom.

So we are back in our place and again our leaders sabre rattle yet again in preparation to reduce the surplus population with a bonus of profit that comes from war. Profit for the already rich that is.

Is it time for the sleeper to awake before we lose too much, or do we wait for world war three to open our eyes again?

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 04:48 PM
That was a very well thought out and logical post. Thanks. I couldn't agree more.

However, as war becomes more and more "technical" TPTB have the need to hire educated indivduals, ergo, shows like NCIS, CSI, make killing cool. Ever read Ender's Game?

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by windword

No, never read ‘Enders Game’ but will look it up
I have read a little on WW1 and its impact and had the fortune to chat with a few people that were in it. I feel history does not highlight what we owe to the survivors. I have read ‘The Monocle’d Mutineer’ Percy Toplis a few times.

It seems the war stopping for a football match never happened. Germany, France and Britain did call a truce however to ‘deal’ with the growing numbers of deserters. They decided that these deserters had grown to such a number as to threaten the war and so worked together to destroy it before it became too great of a threat. Of course being deserters (what sane person wouldn’t have been) the treatment they received was shall I say very harsh and could even be considered yet another war crime from those times.

posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 05:57 PM
It strikes me as very interesting that much of what we see going on around us across the globe is a resurgence of the past.

Situations are are starting to mimic what was seen during the lead up time to both world wars. Very slowly the heat is being turned up towards a boiing point. Here in NA (especially the US) steps are being taken to counter the 'terrorist threat'. Across the board freedoms and liberties are being removed in the name of security.

At every step, blame is placed on the terrorists and thier desire to destroy our way of life. A quick survey of the news leaves little doubt as to who these terrorists are and what beliefs guide them. As more and more sacrifices are demended the heat is increased.

This can be seen as a mass-conditioning towards the enemy; "They are forcing us to do this".

Add to that immigration policies and there is the definite appearance of a deliberate attempt to create an atmosphere of hostility towards all things foriegn...

'They' take out jobs
'They' take our businesses
'They' take our freedoms
'They' change our traditions

The list of outlets for this anger can go on for pages, but what it points to is the development of a mindset that, with enough pressure, will lead otherwise rational people to volunteer in droves for another conflict. People need to be motivated and if they believe that they are fighting to protect thier families and prevent the further erosion of what they feel is thier entitlement then they can be counted on to react in the most savage of ways.

'Give me a gun and tell me who to hate."

The 2/3's rule comes into effect...2/3 will do what they are told because someone they precieve as an authority told them to do it. That preception is easier to attain if people have already been demoralised due to increasingly harder circumstances that they feel are caused by someone else.

That leaves us, the 1/3 that doesn't buy into the BS that is being forced upon us. Look again to the media; we are being branded as domestic terrorists, left-wing liberals or, to use a term from the MaCarthy-era...sympathizers.

To quote Bush..."You are either with us or against us".

In the context of the OP, what this creates a stituation where we are not going to have people fighting for more rights and equalities, but for the return of those that have been lost. This is an important difference because it means that there is no actual progress being made. There will be some advances sure, but for the most part the masses will be content just to get back what they have lost instead of demanding more.

The situation is being very carefully crafted towards a specific goal, beyond that however, as pointed out by the OP, preparations are also being made to control the aftermath as well.

Will the sleeper awaken?

I'd like to think yes, but although the numbers of people who are becoming aware of this game are growing it is happening too slowly. The masses are still overwhelmingly asleep and docile to the truth, happy to be pointed in whatever direction while believing that they are making a choice themselves.

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by [davinci]

Hi Great response.

Today during a quiet spell in the pub the devil got into me. I posed the question if Hitler was alive today and in charge of the nation would he be a hero or villain?

I told them to disregard the concentration camps.

Reminded them he gave them back pride and took a broken nation to the leading world power in a few years. Made the trains run on time amongst other things.

So after a bit of banter we agreed that he would probably be viewed a hero to most. I then said he built his economy on hatred of minorities and war.

As you say in your post I and they suddenly realised we, as a nation are actually moving along that path and when the propaganda is removed I see too many similarities for comfort.

So what started as a bit of devilment actually turned into an eye opener.

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 07:10 PM
excellent post S&F

re WW I many of those who fought in it returned as warriors and better human beings, when all the ammo was used up they would come out of the trenches and fight old-style/mano a mano, using whatever came to hand; these men [on both sides] learned what war is really like and had no desire to see or participate in such a thing ever again. as the OP has pointed out; efforts by TPTB have been directed to desensitizing their populations and making better killers.

also re Enders game you are absolutely correct, now they want it to be like a video game,

did you know that DOOM was originally used by the Marines as a combat simulator when they upgraded they put it on the market in order to condition the kids and their parents paid for it!
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posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by DerepentLEstranger

Thanks for your comments and the info about Doom, I never knew.

I see the term sheeple used here to describe the masses but in actual fact the more wild conspiracies just help to divert our attention to the ones happening in front of us in full view and we all fall for it.

One guy I was chatting with who rarely spoke of his experiences when I asked about those labeled cowards during WW 1 said that before the order to charge a mug of neat alchohol was passed along. When the whistle blew he followed the man infront. He said the man he followed charged towards the german lines but if he had ran the other way he would have still followed as he was too drunk to know.

His opinion was that they should melt the statue of General Hague and cast new medals for his comrades that had been labeled cowards unjustly.

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