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Giffords and Revelations

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posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 03:30 PM
I did a search on this and nothing came back so if it is a duplicate I am sorry.

She gets shot and we all hear she is dead. FBI shows up and it comes out she is not dead but did get shot at "close" range to the head.

Now not that I think revelations is true but, Obama has been very involved in this. A moment of silence and flags at half mast and all of this. Now lets say she survives and due to this wonderful miracle he posts her to a higher position. Does it mean this is true.....

I saw that one of the heads of the beast seemed wounded beyond recovery--but the fatal wound was healed! The whole world marveled at this miracle and gave allegiance to the beast.

Again sorry if this has been posted before. I have been trying to keep up with all the threads but I may have missed one.


posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 03:36 PM
The Gray Area: The Gray Area is a discussion forum that provides a dedicated area for members to post their confessions, disclosures, and related extraordinary personal experiences. Like the highly speculative Skunk Works forum, The Gray Area will tolerate topics that may be unusually hypothetical or unproven for the purpose of vetting the stories of thread-starters by the ATS membership at large.

Please add your comments to one of the many ongoing threads thanks you.

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