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some prophecies *are* Real!

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 05:58 PM
some prophecies *are* Real!
Here was One that was real!

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 06:10 PM
Well, I don't know that this is a prediction, but I'll include it. My grandfather died when I was 9, since then he has visited me twice in dreams. The second visit was about a year ago, and I told him how the whole family missed him. He told me for myself and my family to pay attention, that he comes to everyone, but almost no one notices him, but above all pay attention.

I for some reason only told two people my mother and my sister. My sister, after fighting with her doctor about just not feeling right, was found to have very early stage pancreatic cancer. They never would have found it if she hadn't insisted upon all these "useless" tests. They removed half her pancreas, just to be safe, the cancer was very small, but she is doing great and while she has to go for tests just to make sure it doesn't come back.

All from simply paying attention. Her doctor was stunned to say the least, he said that he never would have tested for it, since we do not have a family history of the disease, and she probably would've died within a few years when they found it, as most often they find it too late as there are little to no symptoms until your pancreas shuts down.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 08:50 PM
Wow, that's quite a collection you got there. Some pretty amazing stuff, I just sped read a whole bunch. Very interesting and my thoughts are pretty much right there with ya on everything.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 10:20 PM
Hello there,

Some of those articles are so very thought provoking!

Do you still have constant OBE's? Anything you've seen recently that you can share with us, or at least point us to a link.



posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by Wally898


weeellll, I do, and this one is a dream that includes the "dead relative" visit, in this thread.

Sometime around 2009, I am not sure, my father came to visit me in my dreams. In this dream I was at my family's summer cottage and in walked my father, through the door.
[he died in 1987]

He had a message to tell me.

----All though his life he was interested in weather, the only man I know [except me!] who would drop everything to walk outdoors to watch an on-coming storm! He was part Indian too, a psychic and he often wrote articles for the small town paper, later in his life, he ran a series of these in the middle 70s where he predicted the climate for the next ten years or so.
["colder and colder", he wrote; not quite that cold, he was predicting his own strokes and heart condition-to-come, plus his death! but 1983 was terribly cold, no citrus trees alive north of Orlando, and in 1989, Orlando [Florida] did not get above freezing for three straight days.]

So my father came to me to tell me a message.

"2010 WILL BE *very* COLD!!
[a strong empathizes on the word "very"!]


December 2010 was the coldest month EVER since records began, for where I live, Tallahassee, Fla.
Atlanta right now has 4 inches of snow, Jan 4th of 2011.

a hit for sure.


posted on Jan, 10 2011 @ 08:36 AM

Originally posted by Wally898
Hello there,

Some of those articles are so very thought provoking!

Do you still have constant OBE's? Anything you've seen recently that you can share with us, or at least point us to a link.



hi P&L.

yes I do have a link.

I once created a blog on blogger where I "archived" some of my Out of Body dreams and visions.

There are some where I am shown places in heaven. Sometimes I talk two way conversations with my "dead" relatives, there.

But I have a whole section of page-links, on the right sidebar, a category for "earthchanges".
some of my "end time" visions are VERY scary and very "extreme"! None have come to pass, yet. They better not, any of them, the "kill-rate" would nearly be all of the human race!!

---like that one i had where I saw a ragged group of refugees walking southwards through the murky Grey cruddy air, hoping to find warmth and food. [this is the USA].
they met *another* walking group of refugees come from the south hoping to find better places to survive.

I saw them meet! head on. Then i saw and head cries and moans from them all, as they now all knew that there was no escape anywheres, certain slow death for them all!

sigh. not good stuff to be typing out on a Grey cold Monday, here in Tallahassee!

oh, the link!

Freestone's visions
Welcome, all.

I have experienced, over the years, many dreams and visions where Angels and guides have taken me [astral travel] to see places in the afterlife, heaven, realms.

Here, I post some write ups of my experiences as well as of my other writings, like of my earthchange visions and alien abductions!

To the right, on the sidebar, are lists of written-up experiences, one article per page, under subject headings.

here is the earthchanges link list, to each posting, please go to the site to see the real links URLs.

my End time, earthchange, visions
•ascension of earth's peoples all at once, SOON!
•three years until the end times!! [2010]
•my 1980 very first end time vision!
•how to prepare for the Ascension or for your death: from another source.
•tidal wave, and my very own given Psychic map of the USA after the changes!
•I was taken to see the "Museum of mankind", and also our collective future!
•a master-Guide takes me to see terrible earth ruins, you do not want to see *this* one come true!!
•end times are delayed
•"come see the ruined earth" satya sai baba says to an astral tour group, in the future.
•prophecy: a report from the future
•a vision of the end of civilization
•prophecy: nuclear war in Israel
•the changes of the Shifting, the end times, have STOPPED!
•I was shown how the earth will destruct, in the end times
•I find a mural in heaven with the date of the end times on it!
•visits to a Land and the second coming of Jesus!
•someone else's vision about taking a trip and being stranded overseas.
•some other people's end time advice, how to prepare.
•How I could happily go on living after having end time visions!

plus many more postings.

thank you......freestone

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