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Your Primal Energy and how to stimulate it.

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 03:37 PM


The human body has energy flowing through it at all times, typically it is a fraction of the energy available around and within the body. Most people do not feel the energy within their bodies since its impact on the central nervous system is extremely minor. With the proper use of �Micro-gestures� or extremely minute movements and contractions of muscles and muscle groups one can achieve proper flow of energy, as a result increasing the effectiveness of things such as energy practices, meditation, out of body travel, relaxation techniques, as well as experiencing an overall increase in your general health and mental state.

�Micro-Gestures� like �Micro-Emotions*� (subtle muscular movements on the face which can indicate emotional states*) are typically stimulated by the body when it is experiencing emotional or physical stress. Perceptive practitioners can pick up on the various muscular motions their body goes through in these situations, and mimic them to accurately simulate emotional response for meditation purposes. Micro-gestures are an advanced technique involved with the manipulation of the energy body and the energy used to fuel it, it is also one of the hardest yet most useful techniques.

This segment is part of a three part segment which will be combination of three energy stimulation techniques. Once mastery is achieved within each of three the user will be able to manipulate and conjure his/her bodies energy at will at any time without the need for meditation or trance. These techniques will lead to an awakening of the bodies primal root energy (referred to as �Kundalini� or �the coiled serpent�).

It is up to the user to practice these techniques to achieve their desired end goal. The bodies primal energy is a very strong force and should not be toyed with or rushed, the results of these techniques will vary depending on the vigor in which they are practiced. This technique when practiced lightly can be used to increase mental and physical well being; when practiced vigorously it can lead to �Kundalini� awakening, which is an endless source of energy for those seeking to travel through the various constructs of the psyche and beyond. Please keep in mind that once the root energy is unlocked it cannot be put on lock again.


The method:

(these are listed in order, although they must be done nearly simultaneously, it differs from user to user, if you are doing it right you will know right away, These techniques take years to master so do not be discouraged if you do not succeed instantly, just keep at it and remain perceptive to the results. You will instantly know you are doing it right if in fact you are.) This technique will help stimulate and push your root energy to your upper energy center (crown),

1. Outline

Begin by slightly tightening the Gluteus Maximus, this is going to be a very minor contraction of the muscles on the lower region of the area near the groin. This subtle contraction helps stimulate the energy centers around it.

Next, a fairly strong tightening of the anus is required so that the skin on the lower half of the tailbone slides slightly toward the anus, followed by a release of the Gludeus Maximus and a slight tightening of the lower back muscles.

Very subtle tightening of the Lower abdominal muscles, followed by an exhaling any air in the lungs so that your chest sinks in unison to the tightening of your over abs. If done properly you should feel a very strong sensation rising from the lower spine to the upper regions of your body.

Begin to slightly tighten your lower neck muscels while focusing on  your Trapezus and very slightly simulating a sensation of pressure/tension but not actually moving, as well as stimulating your Levator Scapulae with minor pressure/tension. This acts to ease the energy from your body up into your head region, without this step or the following it the energy dissipates throughout the body. The sensation is best described as a wave of cold water washing over you. This motion is the most difficult to master, however with practice it will become easier, and it becomes second nature once you get the hang of it.

Next flex your tongue sucking your neck in toward your jaw, this action pull the energy you just moved up to your neck. This action should be done at almost the same time as the action preceding it. With time the action preceding it will no longer be required for the action of pushing energy up. However the preceding action has the potential to stimulate energy by itself and is very powerful, in time it can be used to stimulate the root by itself and in turn rendering all steps but the first one obsolete.

The last step is fairly easy, especially if you have the ability to wiggle your ears as the motion Is very similar to the action of wiggling your ears, however it must be done in a subtle manner as to not actually wiggle the ears. Begin by tensing the muscles behind your ears and on the back of your head around your grundle. This should be done very gently, if you hear a vibration hum within your ears you are doing it too hard, it must be done just hard enough but not so hard as to cause the muscles to behave erratically.

The below image show the path of energy within the body when this technique is used.


This technique is meant to work with multiple disciplines to achieve the intended result, the next thread will be focused on emotional control and the relationship between emotions and energy. The above technique is meant to be used with an emotional trigger(s) that will be highlighted in some detail in a later thread.


[size=10pt][size=11pt]Internal Presence

Basically its internal projection, unlike astral projection which brings you to an alternate plane of existence  above the physicality we currently occupy, this technique allows you to projected within, in essence raising your vibration energy and further activating your energy centers. Also it leads to a more spiritual path, and is key step on the road of enlightenment.

( Unlike astral projection, which is a total waste of time spiritually, this technique allows for spiritual growth through meditation within ones astral body within a "realm" if you will that you fully control. In turn you are able to harness the power of "creation" fully; the power of the subconscious mind under the influence of the will of the conscious mind. )

Through the use of this technique one can hope to increase things like energy awareness, willpower, health, and become generally more conscious as a result of spiritual fulfillment. This technique will allow those seeking these improvements partially or fully, the method to reach those goals.

[size=11pt]The Technique Overview & Concepts

(This technique is most effective in a sitting or partially leaning position. The goal is not to allow your mind to slip into slumber, laying down in bed and such will likely increase the urge to sleep. The bed is a place associated with sleep ( especially your personal bed) by the mind, your body gear itself up for sleep and do so. I do however personally meditate in a corpse pose for energy raising allowing my spine to be perfectly straight, i normally sit up to go into trance in a chair. )

[font=arial][size=10pt]- picture an object within the back of your mind, actually feel as if your point of view has shifted back to where your awareness is originating from the back of your skull. Look within are the eye region, located 1/4 way from the back of the skull.[/font][/center]

(Imagine you are standing (or sitting) a few inches back, but you are aware of the location of your body while you look through the eye of your receded presence.)

(Doing this will also discipline the mind in things such as visualization and Clairsentience .)

[font=arial][size=10pt]-focus on the object, i focus on an old style gold pocket watch swinging on a black background.

(Visualize it within your minds eye so to speak. Block all thoughts, in essence silence your mind and only focus on your focal point. This will require your full attention, some light stretching working your way from your toes to your head and face greatly helps unwind and relax. Stretching or flexing all of your muscles unwinds your body and leaves it refreshed, allowing energy to flow within your person easily. )

(the goal is to create as vivid image as possible, in turn adding to the complexity of the scene. The goal of this is to unlock and wield the power of the minds subconscious. )

][font=arial][size=10pt]-add more detail to the image, gradually adding things like lighting, texture, and additional elements.

(For the stop watch example, i typically first visualize the  watch swinging, glowing gold. Then i add details such as the hands on the watch and various features of the watch face. I add scenery and atmosphere [i bring emotion into it, setting another dimension to the visualization]. The final step is to bring life into the scene, meaning you add time into the equation, i typically add motion to the hands of my swinging clock as it is the focal point. Time becomes your play thing, months could pass as seconds. )

(Awe is the strongest energy building emotion, try to keep the though of your representation of awe as a backdrop to your focal point, similar to background noise or a back thought. This requires a shift in your state of mind, allow the feelings of that event or concept/fantasy seep to the surface, feel it at all time. )

[font=arial][size=10pt]-Shift your awareness away from your focal point to the background ( your scene or scenario)

So look away from the stopwatch in essence, become aware of your surroundings. This tricks your subconscious into creating the environment which your willpower can influence. The energy behind your emotions will be the measure of your influence over your subconscious.)

[font=arial][size=7pt]-Begin to gain your legs, this technique takes time to  master, but once you get the technique good it become clockwork.

(Entering meditation allows you to increase your vibration energy even further, the possibilities are endless. Imagine projecting from a projection, this is the key to spiritual enlightenment and manifestation.)

(Going into meditation during this state allows for deeper trance and internal mediation. Through Internal mediation you can project outward from your internal projection allowing you to open doorways with higher states of existence.)

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 03:51 PM
create a mental image of yourself and the last diagram showed, your body will do the rest. [visualization] rather than thinking in which muscles to move or tense.

great post

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 04:09 PM

Originally posted by m3lh4d0
create a mental image of yourself and the last diagram showed, your body will do the rest. [visualization] rather than thinking in which muscles to move or tense.

great post

visualization is a great thing, a key ability learned through focus and clarity. However visualization alone will not manifest the desired effects. Visualization can be used to excite the energy of ones body, this can be done through emotional triggers. Energy is generated through the mental and stimulated/controlled through the physical without the need for trance.. It is true you can stimulate / pull energy into yourself through visualization, however the movement of energy within the body is a physical sensation and must be dealt with in physical terms. Muscle gestures teach control of ones body which transitions into other things. Its much like trying to control a large explosion, the muscles when stimulated properly guide the flames upward towards the seat of the soul.

The bodies energy is a perfect duality, much like yin and yang. Primal energy (or whatever you want to call it ) is one side of a coin. Visualization is used to stimulate the higher or pure energy. The goal is to learn the difference between to two and combining them within the abdomen region. Together they are useful, apart not so much.
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