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What is Hell?

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posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 05:12 PM

The corollary to the knowledge of heaven is the knowledge of evil and the ultimate state of evil.

What is hell, what is it like? What are the people and things in hell like? What are the people who enter into such damnation like while on the earth?

Is hell a state of mind, a condition that men must suffer when they have been invaded by evil, and are polluted with actual matter that is like mud or oil, and gets stuck in the spirit and body? Is that what causes men to suffer?

Are there really demons, or are such things just former human beings that have degraded to horrid creatures, like Gollum in LOTR? Since they cannot exist with the little ones and the good ones without causing harm to them, they are forever removed from their house, which is heaven.

How many human beings will want to eat the good stuff, but will not be able? Such are those that enter into hell, where they have desire that cannot be fulfilled, namely, the gifts and blessing of good things.

I can think of no greater hell than to be seperated from love. I could never bear being separated from my little brothers, or my older brothers, who love me. I could never imagine being someone who was hated by everyone, who dwelled among dead things, stealing and peeping among the living until the end of the world.

Perhaps that is the whole contest of this human existence, to learn how to perfect love, which is the most choice of all fruits, and the sweetest of all nectars, and the ultimate prize.

Those who cannot perfect love, or the wisdom that is required to contain it, cannot enter into the paradise of heaven, and must dwell among the imperfect and corrupted, lower and lower based upon their character and deeds.

Hell is no place at all, for there is physical place where God is not, the only "place" that can be without God is the human being. how hard and true this saying is, for those without God are in a bad way, for they have fallen into a deep pit, and have no light or means of raising themselves up. Such beings are only retrieved by the angels, or by great beings who resemble angels, or by very great austerity and holiness.

Hell did not appear at the beginning. it was not a creation of God. It was not a design of a holy mind, or of a pure will, but it is like the radioactive waste we produce in our energy reactions. It is the unwlecome outcome of a powerful process, and something must be done with it.

Something had to happen to those beings that fell into great evil, and loved doing evil, and hell was the outcome. The menace is that those beings in hell have access to US here on earth, because one of the terrible facts about such a state is that you cannot rise to other worlds, but are stuck in the mud. Such is their torment, and our great discomfort.

None of the great light beings who we love will attach themselves to you if you are filled with yucky things. If you constantly work towards the irritation and opression of others, no one will redeem you. In fact, you run the risk of being hated by the beings of light, and in such case there is no hope for you.

What is your experience with hell? Sometimes we get a taste of it for our wise learning, and a stiff punishment is ours indeed! But I do not think that most healthy minds will desire to stay in such a condition. So the logical question is, how do we human beings keep ourselves out of this terrible condition?

Hell is not to be feared by the living. It is permeable, and moveable, and can be moved through. Hell is the threat of the corrupted ones who desire to rule us by fear. It is the manipulation of out bodies and minds to cause us to have discomfort and confusion, and the longer we remain in this state, the more damage is done to our minds. That is what hell and death are.

I strongly feel that hell is a condition of illness, caused by a collaspe of spiritual energy anf thought. We beings are constantly acted upon by other people and forces. Most of them are stealing from you, or trying to damage you, or seeking some kind of control over you. You enter into trouble when your energy fields collapse enough to allow the powers of corrupted or malevolent beings to enter into you. Those who do this to you are the inhabitants of hell, who are all around us in the world.

Perhaps this is just my perception on my own experiences, which would be better called "torment". I once feared that I was in hell, but upon further investigation of the situation I could perceive that there was something else going on, and I was a victim of some nasty spiritual aggression from large numbers of people who really didn't want me to succeed in much of anything I did.

It made no sense to me until I learned how the minds of humans were connected in various orders kingdoms, and over these organizations of minds were various powers and forces, and they were competing for rule and influence on the earth and among men. Apparently my studies and adventures had offended them or threatened them, and they decided to hurt me and divert me from the right path.

Having maligned me and smeared me from their hidden recluse, I was to bear constant spiritual and psychic attacks and abuses from the lower-levels of mankind, everyone who was a part of that order was driven to fight with me. Governed by their "overmind" whom they consider to be their god, they were driven to all kinds of madness and agression, makng war against me as their insane lust dicatated.

I would come to perceive that the human race was divided in a terrible kind of split, which had come about by the war made upon the light that dwells within us. So many people had lost their light, and had no understanding of what it was, and what was happening to them, that they fell into a trap. Trapped, compelled, and forced to fight for demonic forces, they set upon the beings who had managed to keep their light. Trying to steal, diminish, displace, or defile that light is the entire goal of these mad beings, and that was my experience.

I thought maybe Iw as going nuts, until I read the Nag Hammadi scriptures, and discovered that I had encounted the hidden reality of the universe, which certain forces desperately want to remain concealed. I learned that the writers of the Nag Hammadi scriputres had described exactly what I had encountered, the division between humans living on the earth, and the nature of the forces that governed their minds and bodies.

I had entered into conflict with these forces without knowing, and they laid an ambush for me.

If you read the Nag Hammadi texts with this understanding in mind, you will learn of the existence of these forces, which you probably have perceived in some fashion already, but not understood. It was the early Christian church that had these documents, and it was the Roman Church that caused them to be destroyed, in order to bury these secrets forever.

Such is the nature of the demonic and satanic, which is a large portion of the living human race. If you desire to learn more about it, then read some of the Nag Hammadi stuff, especially about the different types of souls, the different levels of heaven, and the various gods and powers that occupy them and try to influence us here on earth.

Then the confusing nature of how people are will vanish, and you will see the ugly picture. It explains the nature of HELL, and its relationship to the condition of the spirit-mind, and the light or lack thereof.

We all know the light, we see it in people, we all love it like candy. Why then, does no one speak of it? I will tell you, it is because there are forces that do not want it known, and men have been fooled into fearing this. It is harmful for men to deny this.

What manner of fear grips you so? Does light and love and mind frighten you so? Does the manner of our own existence frighten you, like small animals in the storm? It is your silence that condemns you to darkness, it is you lack of courage and speech that keeps you in hell.

The knowedge of the body and the influences of the mind upon it are inferior forms of knowledge, it is the school of demonic thought and psychic mischief, sorcery and corruption of power. Most of you think that to be related to the mysteries of the universe, and fear them like a fire-belching Bel, but how silly such fears are.

The mysteries of the "power" are not to be concealed. It is the work of evil men and evil women who do so. If you think God intends for these secrets to be kept, then you are mistaken, they are revealed quite freely, and even a child will undertand the principals.

It is the inferior powers who rely upon this fear and inexperience of our race to keep us under their rule. Who are these inferior powers? Those individuals who live among us who have strong psychic minds, who love to invade and rule other minds by sheer force of will. These are the ones who would conceal this knowledge, and make you fear them, but in truth they are empty and weak. Their power comes by your ignorance, and it is not that strong.

When Jesus and the deciples were talking about the powers of darkness, this is what they meant. Overcoming them means to overcome their power by gaining enough light power of your own to punch through their spheres of existence and awareness. Their light doesn't come from the highest place, or "Jesus" if you are Christian. It is the place of inferior minds, souls, and malevolence, they desire to use their powers to rule other beings, and hell is caused BY THESE.

These are the ones who attack our minds, these wretched thieves, these are the ones who have abdicated their humantiy in favor of the powers of demons, these are the ones who have made such trouble for us for so long. That is where hell is from, from THESE. So lose your fear and arm yourself with knowledge.

Sin and hell and death are from these beings, not from God, and it is the will of God that you be free and healthy. The religions now upon the earth are not preaching this, because they have all be taken over by beings who desire to rule with these powers, not liberate men from them.

It is a hard condition, for it is not the natural state of men to become like this. It is a temptation that we are given to test our very essence. If you have the power to do such things, and give yourself over to their use, then you are destroyed by the forces you accept to enter you in order to be able to use these powers. It is a perversion of the human mind and spirit to become like these. Read the Nag Hammadi texts,l they talk about it in much more detail than I can.

Really, these things weren't always secret. They were what the original Christian church was all about. That is why Christ had problems, not because of what they tell you. He challenged these authorities not only in the physical world, but in the psychic and psiritual one as well, and that is why they hated him. He destroyed their power. He freed the people they had managed to possess and dominate, and he rebuked them in public to their shame.

That is my take on hell.


posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 05:22 PM
to put it simply according the christian terms and kurt cobain.

it's where the bad folks go when they die, they don't go to heaven where the angels fly, go to lake of fire and FRY!

posted on Jul, 11 2004 @ 08:46 AM
What is Hell?


The corollary to the knowledge of heaven is the knowledge of evil and the ultimate state of evil.

What is hell, what is it like? What are the people and things in hell like? What are the people who enter into such damnation like while on the earth?

Is hell a state of mind, a condition that men must suffer when they have been invaded by evil, and are polluted with actual matter that is like mud or oil, and gets stuck in the spirit and body? Is that what causes men to suffer?

Very wise...I am..I am not..I am within..I am without

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