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Stay indoors?

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posted on Mar, 19 2003 @ 01:09 AM
Hmmmm this just popped up on BBC news website - looks like we could be following code red here in a slightly more voluntary fashion. Anyone got anymore info on this?

Stay indoors' terrorism advice

Stock up on basic supplies, the Home Office advises
The government is advising members of the public to "go in, stay in, tune in" in the event of a terrorist attack on the UK.
In an updated website launched on Wednesday, the Home Office is telling people to go indoors and listen for specific instructions which will be broadcast on the radio.

It says take "sensible precautions" such as having battery powered torches, radio, ready to eat food, bottled water and blankets close to hand.

However, the department says there is no need at present to take further measures such as stockpiling food or buying a gasmask.

posted on Mar, 19 2003 @ 01:29 AM
Hi arc,

The sensible precautions you listed are important for anyone even without the mounting threat of terrorist activity, but I will make do without duct tape and plastic sheeting, thank you.

As far as staying indoors, most will get on with their daily lives because they don't have a choice in the know, the daily bread thingy. At the same time, better believe that people will be keeping their eyes and ears wide open regarding what's taking place around them.


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