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Whites Flee Democratic Party?

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 02:12 PM

Originally posted by Kaploink
No surprise here. A lot of these people are moderates who often switch parties when they discover there aren't rainbows and unicorns waiving American flags. I think you will see a large number of these individuals fleeing the Republican party in a few years after they discover Republicans ignoring the number one concern of voters, the economy. Already we see signs of the incoming party ignoring the economy and instead going after health care reform.

Well I am truely floored someone who sees what is actually happening...

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 07:03 PM
reply to post by prexparte

Is not candidates worth of my vote as long as this nation is held by two existing elite parties.

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 06:38 AM
Parts of this quote are to me incredibly dumb ..ignorant of what is right in front of us daily and attempts to pass for excellence and morality....even justification..and particularly as pertains to politics and the two party system.

I find this interesting, though many will accuse these people of racism even though they originally voted for Obummer. People wanted a change from the Bush years, perfectly understandable. However when they woke up and saw what the "change" was turning into they threw many of the demoncrats out of office; hoping for better. I suspect that the repuklicans will also disappoint them. What will happen then? Will the people wake up and realize that the 2 "parties" are just 2 sides of the same coin? Or will they try to toss the bums out yet again this time replacing Rs with Ds and still hoping for that change? What will it take for a viable third party to arise?

What is incredible to me is that some people can vote along racial lines and not be called or considered racist...because of current PC trends. Astonishing!! Yet those who begin to sense something is not right and turn away from these trends because of this awareness they can be considered racist.

Do none of you see how nonsensical this is?? That there exists a political system..a political religion/dogma which can attach itself to your political consciences like a parasite and control your thinking?

Snap out of it people. Shake it off. Racism has become guilt politics. A cottage industry among many. And the media is guilty of promoting this parasitical control technique.

This should be obvious to you by how many politicians were using racism in the last two years to get people to feel guilty about their politics. Racism is the best they have..the very best. And it was always the usual suspects doing this. It is the same for the media who shill for these political parties and politicians.

This is part and parcel of how a nation is turned upside down..this guilt control technique.

What I also find of interest is that neither of the two dominant political parties are attempting to educate the public on this template of operation. Yet if you can think outside the box you know it is going on as a control or guilt technique.

You vote your vote and conscience...not someone else's vote and conscience. And dont forget to take "Your" dollars with you. Vote with them as well.

The other incredible thing about the two party system which is only mentioned in tangent at that the political system operating here in this country does not represent the product advertised.
People vote for something advertised and get something else after the election is over.

No legitimate business following this template will be able to stay in business for long operating in this manner. For they must make good on the product. Not so with politics.

People constantly go back to the voting booth and wonder why so little changes for the better.

I think that many peoples sense this template in operation but cannot put it into concrete working form.

This is also how we have switched from a representative government to a non representative government...which has become self serving and against the will of the people.

Racism is only part of the reason or control method to facilitate this non representative government. There are others but all of them control techniques operating on the guilt template.
When you begin to see the guilt template operating through so many groups along with the political parties you become aware that it is the same hand behind them all. This has become very effective at "Shaking Down" a whole nation without many being aware of what is happening.

I am gratified to see from Page 1 of this thread in the post by jibeho..that even some Blacks are catching on to the concept that they are being used/misused as part of the racism control/guilt technique by politics and the body politic. That the body politic is not helping them...but helping itself.

I would also like to make note that I see a clear distinction between a conservative and a Republican. I do not consider the Republican Party as being conservative. I see them as Liberal Lite. They are not underneath the veneer ...conservative. They too are not the product advertised.
Those of you who are able..make note of will come up in the future.

Be very careful...such that if not already ...the Tea Party is slated to be hijacked or overtaken as were so many other previous the two existing parties. I suspect that they will even work together to get rid of or ruin the credibility of the Tea Party such that they can have the field to themselves. And the media will be a willing accomplice in this hijacking. Be Warned.

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posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 07:06 AM
As long as there is two party systems, people will chose sides . With the two party system gone only can people decide on specific issues, insted of BLANKET POLITICS which destroys our system. VOTE 3rd party or independent since it shows the people these candidates Want to change the system!!!! This is more importantthan anything they vote on

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