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The Hegelian dialectic web of deciet in conspiracy groups

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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 05:30 PM
For almost as long as I've been here people source groups such as (Library Pleiades, for my thread on Pleiadian deception go here: David Icke (for my thread on him go here:, and such people. These people have this amazing tendency to know everything about a ruthless inclusive conspiracy that wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone who got in their way (maybe these informers are just lucky?). Their favorite tactic is to apply old conspiracies such as the Reptillian conspiracy to a stretched hypothesis of a common truth. Here is an example: the Jews were lead out of Egypt by a celestial entity, but it was a Reptillian from the planet Nibiru in a space ship. They rely heavily on the use of "hidden knowledge" which is usually an expansion on an older idea that destroys the main point. The darker side of Gnosticism used this tactic on ancient Christians whose insatiable desire for celestial knowledge brought them to the dissappointing end of the scriptures leaving them wanting more. Of course the Gnostics were all too happy to oblige them: "Here is the lost book of Ya'hshuah's teachings, it explains what he meant here, here, and here offers new information here. Oh and YHWH is evil, evil is equal to good, life is a prison, and the human body is naturally sinful and the only way to expiate personal demons is to be as hedonistic as possible". Ok, that was an example of the use of dialectics to divide and conquer the truth seekers, this isn't really about Gnosticism (btw there are better examples of Gnostics, not all are Nestorians or Manicheian). This is about poisonous "hidden knowledge" that is set like a rat trap by TPTB for the truth seekers among us. The way they do this is via an obscured Hegelian dialectic web of thought. They offer a supposed "truth" (thesis), followed by the antithesis (or red herring) dark conspiracy which as almost without fail a Draconian Satanic Conspiracy (but they think YHWH is an evil ET?), and an end result of the synthesis of truth and lies that leads to two conclusions depending on how influenced you were:
1. There is no objective truth whatsoever, everything you've been told is a lie
2. You are surrounded by the antithesis to truth
This is a divide and conquer strategy, that whether these people know it or not, it actually aids the elite cabals. How many threads on here do we see with the main idea "There is nothing we can do to stop the NWO, we are all going to die! They're everywhere". This whole concept that the conspiracy surrounds us is smoke in mirrors. I assure you that there are enough people who are inherently good and our not on the side of the NWO and that we surround them. They are the Elite! The Powers That Be! Both of these terms imply exclusivity. The top of the pyramid is supported by a much larger base. However, some might point out "But their power and technology far surpasses our own, how can we hope to overcome them?" and I will point out that every last person who suggests this does not believe in God. This is a backup idea these people implant and another smoke in mirrors trick. has an entire page of articles bashing every single religion (including atheism) and a unique page reserved for YHWH. The disturbing thing is that they give alot of credence to the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and semitic myths but apply that same Gnostic formula to destroy the main idea. They take Bible passages, say that they're true in that they happened, but our understanding is wrong. This turns the story on it's head and suddenly YHWH is an evil reptillian and the pillar of fire the Jews followed out of Egypt is a beam from a flying saucer. They also go after Buddhism's belief system of harmony and order and chaos balancing eachother out. Then they go after Atheism, saying that they're snobs and that there really is a spiritual tie within all living beings. These ideas, pushed with constant reminders of our insignificance in the universe presents an entropic world view in which evil has a consistent upper hand over good and lies triumph over truth. The end result is, as you have all seen, hopelessness. You have no grounding, your God is an evil alien, your scientists were trying to pave the way for their reptillian masters, and Buddha was just trying to make people complacent pushovers. Now that you are divided from any grounding that you may have had, you can be conquered or assimilated. In fact if you look at the broad picture of their main ideas you will see that is very similar to the Satanic ideology they consistently go after. You have spirit and the potential for self empowerment, all truth is within, all power is with, "you shall be as gods". The hissing is almost audible.

You think the "sheeple" are being brainwashed? Truth seekers are bombarded with disinformation every day. Every time you chase these snakes into their holes, you are bitten and poisoned. They only have to keep the sheeple complacent, they are fully aware of the fact that you are not complacent and will mislead you instead through tactical feints of presenting lies packaged in truth. Sadly we may only know the broad picture in how they operate, because "the devil is in the details" and they know you love the details. This is their carrot to bring you into their deceptions which will make you give up hope or adopt their ideology.

You will find that the broad picture can be sufficient to spot their movements and is enough to wake up the complacent. They are powerful, yes, but we still surround them.

Blessings of YHWH be upon all of you

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 06:47 PM

"Dialectic ....the Hegelian process of change in which a concept or its realization passes over into and is preserved and fulfilled by its opposite... development through the stages of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis in accordance with the laws of dialectical materialism ....any systematic reasoning, exposition, or argument that juxtaposes opposed or contradictory ideas and usually seeks to resolve their conflict ... ....the dialectical tension or opposition between two interacting forces or elements."

The idea of the dialectic today is to bring about constant change by consensus. This is achieved by a never ending "tug of war" between two or more factions looking for a common solution. As opposed to a debate which is two or more people trying to sway the other to their side. What is being used today is a mere shadow of what Hegel himself talked about.

Hegel idealistically believed "utopia" would only be reached through a social evolution. A linear line of societal progression by constant resolution of opposing ideas into the whole, or the "synthesis". Until finally all opposing ideas were resolved, and thus utopia.

The dialectic of today is similar only in respect to the method being used. As you stated, thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Or problem, reaction, solution as some call it. The difference today is social engineering and a belabored "evolution" built by a combination of "groupthink" and "consensus reality" of the opposing ideas.

You are correct that it is a divide and conquer strategy. But even further, it is a consensus building of opposing ideologies and paradigm's designed to take both factions in the same direction while leaving them at odds to maintain the perpetual tug of war on different levels.

So the dialectic of today may speak of social evolution, or a future utopia. But is rather a consistent and constant mix of opposing ideologies which truly never reach a resolution. Because the "synthesis" or "solution" only reignites a new and heightened division, which is then channeled into new resolutions and factions perpetually.

aka, left vs right, or Democrat vs Republican, or Democracy vs republic, or Fox vs CNN, YHWH vs Satan, ad infinitum.

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