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How I was awakened

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posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 06:16 AM
Hey guys, I've been here for awhile and before I even signed up I had always found this site interesting. For the wrong reasons though, you see, I use to be atheist/agnostic/thought I knew it all-whatever you want to call that state of being. I also have to admit while I thought I was fine, these were the worst times of my life. (so far)

Back then, in my free time I would always look up things about God, the bible, religion. I was looking for every contradiction, every attack, just in case someone challenged me. But the entire time as I looked up this information, I think I had always wanted to be proven wrong. I wanted to believe in God, but I couldn't believe in the religious God. He seemed far too cruel so he couldn't exist. To me anyway.

I've always been so logical. I just can't blindly believe in anything. I have to have firsthand experience. Well oneday I came across a scientific study on life after death. This is where it all began for me, and rightly so, how could I believe in anything if I thought death was really the end? Anyway, eventually my research led to ouija boards. Say what you will about them, (its all just belief pounded in our heads) when used properly they are excellent tools. I have alwasy been interested in the stories but never tried one or gave it too much thought. I decided to test this "paranormal" stuff out. Me and my partner (also very skeptical BUT with an open mind) decided to try this out.

It changed our lives forever.

I won't go into full detail (unless anyone asks) but it answered things that neither one of us knew about each other. We already had it planned we would ask questions that we didn't know about each other so we could truly test this. The results turned me into a full fledged believer in just 2 days. You would have to understand my life to truly understand the impact this had...its really REAL. I thought this stuff was only in books.

Shortly after this I met my spiritual teacher (coincidence? I think not) and now I am well on my way down the path. Some of you know from my posts that I am very into ufos (for lack of a better word) and spirit rescue.
One important thing I feel like I need to get out there is that I am completely open to being wrong. In no way is anything I post "law" to you. Also, if your looking for some kind of hard proof of my experiences you need to look elsewhere. I learned a while back people are going to believe what they want to believe no matter what you say. You can put out a suggestion but it is totally up to the individual to pursue.

A message to those who are skeptical or think I'm crazy: I know exactly how you feel almost because I was there too. I use to read over things like this without taking in a single word because I thought it was rediculous. BUT, I discovered by actually seeking the truth, and you can too. It is a must that you open your mind instead of being so critical of others. In a way, I want to challenge you. Throw away all of your beliefs and approach everything with a logical OPEN mind. Forget science. They may catch up oneday.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 06:30 AM
reply to post by strawberry91

i have been on a journey like yours as well. i was never an atiest and somehow always felt there was more to it all. i understand now that religion has a message that was obscured by those in power in order to stay in power and keep us obedient.

one thing in your post that stands out is your use of the mind to figure it out. lately i have the feeling that using our minds to figure it out makes it more difficult to reach a state of peace with it all. i think we need to learn how to follow our hearts first and the mind second. i still wrestle with how to do this but i will not let my mind to get in the way.

try to remember the most powerful moments in this life. for me they were emotional moments that i experienced from the heart. it feels to me that emotion comes from my soul, the seat of my consciousness, the root of all thought.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 07:35 AM
reply to post by Mike.Ockizard

I do need to use my heart more, don't we all lol! I feel as if God was guiding me me the whole time....there are just too many coincidences to think otherwise. And I like you always had a feeling that there had to be more to life than this. There was no way this material existence is all.


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