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Are they trying to tell us something?

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posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 08:46 PM
I'm sure that most of you are aware of the alleged plans for a staged alien invasion. The first I heard of this was from The Disclosure Project in which Dr Carol Rosin testified that before his death, Nasa rocket engineer and designer Werner Von Braun (Wiki), explained to her that there would be a staged alien invasion. You can hear her testimony in the following video.

The Disclosure Project

Knowing this information and also being aware that TPTB like to give us clues to their plans, leaving us to figure out their intentions. (If you're too stupid to figure it out then they don't deem you worthy of surviving.) Could the following film and T.V. trailers be a clue to what is coming.

Falling Skies

Battle of Los Angeles


Cowboys and Aliens

Transofrmers 3

Iron Sky

Super 8

Speilberg seems to be involved in quite a few of these. Then there was his 2002 mini-series about alien abductions: Taken

I'm not making any claims here, I just find connecting the dots interesting. Though it would make sense that if there is indeed a plan for a staged invasion to imbed suggestions in the mind of the public prior to the event.

So what do you think - coincidence, jumping on the bandwagon or is there something more to it?

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 08:50 PM
Yep, The government's agenda. A fake alien invasion and they will pretend the social and economical system is down and broken then BOOM. Everyone will be like "Helppp meeee, godd help me". The governments will come in and say "New World Order, It will save you". Enough said.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 08:56 PM
It's BS. I learned that some good UFOs are planning a reality check for us. There should be a big sighting this year. I learned it could be within the month.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 09:00 PM
reply to post by Metallicafan

they have been planning this hollograpic fraud for decades , decided to go with aliens instead of jesus .. they sure will not fool me , but will sure be a trip to watch

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 09:01 PM

Originally posted by Metallicafan
It's BS. I learned that some good UFOs are planning a reality check for us. There should be a big sighting this year. I learned it could be within the month.

From what source did you learn this?

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 09:04 PM
Thank you, although I just left a reply about disclosure on another thread.
I also think there will be a faked alien invasion. When the shtf and the gov't is about to lose control or all of the terestrial wars are gone the military industrial complex needs a war to fund, this is when I believe the plan wil be set in motion.
Although this is the biggest trump card that the powers that be can play, it will be the last resort for control.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 09:05 PM
if you wanted to talk to the people you would talk to the people real disclosure would come to the people not through obama and so on so if it comes from the gvnt then its a lie.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by gateway30

Supposebly, the solar system will shift or something like that. A big change but I'm probably still going to live the same life I'm used to right now. I'm ready.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by Metallicafan

Something like this?

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 09:41 PM
I'm ready.

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by Metallicafan

you remember the titanic film they had a song to go down to...... whats ours? .
when the shtf we all play, sing or hum the tune

posted on Jan, 2 2011 @ 10:52 PM
I've had the same question for some time now. Are we being warned through the media and Hollywood or is the increase in movies and media attention basically based on demand? If Hollywood thinks making movies about end days will generate more revenue then plan on seeing more movies on that topic.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 08:48 PM
The trouble with Carols testimony about Von Braun is that it is just hearsay. She may be telling the truth but we can't be sure. As for the movies and stuff, they are made to make money. Of course they may be part of an agenda. However, they are more likely to make a buck if they tap in to popular culture and conspiracy theory etc. What fantastic material for a good story.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 09:01 PM
"They" are telling "you" something" that "you" should already know: The aliens are already here among us - working and playing and vibrating at a different frequency. "We" just don't see "them". "They" come to those whom they can trust and are at least open-minded enough not to blow their heads off. Gosh, people! Wake up!

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 01:55 AM
The technology definitley generates a hologram, but not an illusion of UFOs, rather, a complete hollographic reality.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 02:07 AM
reply to post by nonetruegod

Too true. The very last place truth would emerge would be the government. Any higher power, whether God or aliens would likely slam the door and throw away the key on them. Poisoning our water now, wtf. Expose halliburton/lieberman/mccain. Expose them ALL.

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 06:17 PM
I don't think that we should safely assume that it will be feigned or contrived. It may well be that this has been going on for centuries without our knowledge. Who really knows what's going on in the vast oceans and under the surface....

What really scares me is the NSA's attempts to make contact with other galaxies and universes. We may have sealed our own fate.

But who can really know for sure...

posted on Feb, 6 2011 @ 06:41 PM
I do believe extraterrestrials are secretly coming to this planet for some as yet unknown reason.

I do not think our governments would be able to stage a fake alien invasion. Why? I don't think actual ETs would let them given their technical superiority. Our governments may try, but the secrecy ETs have nurtured for an untold amount of years would absolutely not be broken by our governments faking an invasion. ETs just wouldn't allow it given all the effort they've put into the game they've been playing here.

If actual ETs were going to invade they would have done so ages ago. The secrecy they commit to this planet is for some reason. Allowing humans to break it by overtly vilifying them (in reality, not our fiction) would likely be the last thing they'd want to see happen and I do think they are powerful enough to stop such a thing from taking place.

That's not to say I trust ETs and their reasons for maintaining their secrecy. I don't. I have just come to think they aren't going to allow all those years of silence to be broken in this manner.
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