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Possible conditions for ET contact

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posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 09:20 PM
As of late, I have been applying the concept of fractals to my perspective. I won't go into why I feel this type of observation should be considered valid, if you know about fractals I think you may get it. Please follow my thought process and lets see if it holds any water.

I see levels of intelligence quanitfiable, like how human intelligence is compared to that of the animal kingdom.

Furthermore, if we were to increase the scope of the observation, I feel it follows that the comparison of ET intelligence to human intelligence to be exactly the same in nature.

This fractal observation reveals a number of possibilities...

An ET intelligence making contact and having communication with human intelligence would be the same as a human biologist discovering how to literally speak and communicate with the animal kingdom. Now this is not to say that certain human elements are not already in contact, there are many threads here in ATS to corroborate that theory. The vision I am seeking is a full and open disclosure and assimilation into our culture. For this to occur, I believe it would require a sigularity of thought that would enable us to communicate with most living organisms on our own planet, as a demonstration, before an open ET contact can be made with our civilization.

Considering the latest revelations of the intelligence levels of certain sea-faring mammals, I am a firm believer that we will accomplish this feat in the real world sooner than later =)

Once this observation of our human interaction with the animal kingdom is likened to the ETs with the humans, it would also follow that how we treat the animal kingdom is how our level of intelligence is treated by the ETs. Major consumption, minor conservation. A very real scenario, and a very scary one at that.

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