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Peace on earth and good will toward good intentions?

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posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 11:04 AM
As I'm on ATS this morning I couldn't help but remember 9/12/01. How it seemed everyone around me wanted revenge and were so afraid of being attacked again. I remember being so shocked that I couldn't leave the T.V. I was just fixated on watching MSM. That day the world became different, more afraid, more angry, more watchful. I remember the immediate head spin by most Americans toward the people in power to save us from tyranny and how we trusted them so much.
Now, almost 10 years later. I sit hear and wonder, where's the peace? Does anyone? Seems to me that everyone is more on alert than ever before. Yet we have all this intel circulating (Fusion centers, etc.) by "trust worthy" neighbors. Why shouldn't I be able to rest knowing that I'm being protected, being watched over? Just by propaganda alone I'm being told to just let it happen, too trust. When I think I've seen a "watchful neighbor" so far, I've noticed them to be the most fearful, detracted, isolated, hardly ever with a smile. If I do see a smile it's more of a "smerk" It seems their world is quite different than mine. I feel sorry for their burden. I can't imagine the things they know. Skeletons seem to be in the closet for a reason. Can any one imagine the dirt they know. Knowledge obtained through fear and dismay? Being flooded constantly by self-inflicted curiosity in the name patriotism. That could very easily take over a persons whole being. Consume them entirely. I wouldn't want that kind of burden for myself that's for sure.
Here I think is a real dilemma. We have fellow Americans who agreed with best intentions(keep on mind) to fight terrorism. They are the local leaders to peace, yet they don't seem at peace. Why? We are told they are doing a great job. We see news reports of bad guys getting busted. Their control should be honored right? They are heroes.

In my opinion peace is in the eye of the beholder. Human beings always want to look through the eyes of another so they can forget they have eyes of their own.

eEveryone is guilty in their own right one way or another. Whether in the closet or out, skeletons are what they are. Everyone deserves forgiveness. Love they neighbor because they probably want to love you back peacefully.

The largest most dominant rule that the universe provides is this; " What goes around, comes around". No one stands alone. We are all connected. May there be peace on earth and good will toward men. Happy New Years!

posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 12:33 PM
reply to post by him777

That day alot of Americans started to wake up, it was the first dot for them to connect, sure at first everyone thought that evil Osama Bin Laden...because it's easier thinking that it's some out side force(or third party if you will) that has done all the dirty work to think that it was your own government would be ten times scarier but then you start to see that the United Sates government is the same government that poisoned its own people during prohibition times and the same government that deliberately infected people in Gyanamala with syphilis in the 1940's and you start to wonder hmm...could it be.

I'll be the first one to tell you i don't buy every theory i hear about 911 be it by the government or 911 truthers but i think there's at least enough clues now to look at that might make you at least question the official story, the wrold has indeed changed some for the better but in most cases for the worse since that tragic day, i just finished watching a documentary done in 1979 by ABC news about mind control and how the C.I.A used lsd on unsuspecting citizens back in the day (MK Ultra) and these doctors are talking about how they were part of the operation and yet they weren't in jail...huh?? i ask my self if we do find out in any way shape are form that 911 was a inside job are we just gonna let em walk like they did to these people what were involved in MK-Ultra.

In closing i'll say this, we as people should learn from the past as too not make the same mistakes and try and grow as a race and better each other.

Have a happy new year.

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