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Wouldn't it seem that to be a subject is to violate natural law (harm to one's self)?

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posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 01:22 AM
It would seem that for one to hide its "authentic" self is to be in fear of the best version of oneself. The "highest self", clean of egoic staining, sin(fear)-less, and most ultimately capable of self-governance, self-sustainability, communication, "leadership"/teamwork, harmony, and university.

In most occurrences of the human experiment, it should appear obvious that subjects (citizens) are conditioned to turn outward for AUTHORity, and to those who have discovered only a few shades of fact above the publicly broadcasted information... this would come as no surprise. The coming collapse may be very hard for the folks who are having a hard time breaking this CULTural chain of thought programming.

It can be helpful reference for others to interact and exchange appreciation towards one another, in regards to each others configuration of existence. That would seem to be a basic function of communication, which goes without saying, is required for an exchange of energy (community). However, folks... especially in the urban human population, are thinking and behaving in rampant modes of fear far beyond what has been the norm of the past. How long has it been normal for you that no one waves or smiles anymore? Have you even noticed this symptom? Have you been fortunate enough for this to ever have not been normal in this experience?

When I walk down the street, I rarely cross the path of anyone who can look me in the eye, let alone transcend its own impressions to a vibration where it can return a smile, a wave, or a verbal greeting/acknowledgement. Instead of worrying about what our neighbors are looking at us oddly for in passing, how many of you still wave and inquire on how they are doing? Just a simple smile, a gesture of politeness, or even a positive mental vibration (thought/perception/attitude) of a sort in the passing of a stranger on a normal basis? I'm going somewhere with this....

a truth that I noticed (a few evenings ago) about "love" while gazing at the geometrical representation that we attach to the concept as humans...

from the bottom of a heart, what one projects outwards eventually is returned. ♥

I've come to realize that the energy projected outward in eMOTION is eventually returned... kind of like a mirror. One magnetizes itself with its "behaviors/misbehaviors". For those who are having a hard time, maybe it's time for a tune-up. If you sense fear, maybe it's just because there is information missing within the construct of your consciousness. Try being critical of your behaviors, projections, and the thoughts that you receive for a day. Take notes if you have to... look at them later when you're in a different state of mind, and not "stuck" in the same vibe. You'll be surprised at what you "learn"/remember when decoding these experiences with a clear mind, and even just an effort slightly further then your comfortable level of attention. Breaking out of the "comfort zone" is important in the process of freeing oneself from the habits (programming) of its mind and the numbness of its senses.

What is really important is what a conscious sentient being can sense within itself. What most others "see" of one are of a sort, impressions. Only until another being can put forth a conscious effort to comprehend what went into the making of another being (its experiences, "where it's been" so to speak)... the other can not really know what one being completely is. Until one can know the real, one is left to rely on impressions, the manipulations of mind, and optimally one might pass through all that NONsense to consciously sense the facts of what actually lies beneath the veil of another being. No being can know the entirely of another being until it can connect to the source that is broadcasting the animation for that beings consciousness. That having been said, if you still don't know your self, then you don't know what is good for another. One is responsible for one's own existence and experience. It's that simple.

To resort to an external AUTHORity would seem not to serve well to that particular being. It would also serve to be an enabler for those around it to take advantage (think "tax farms"). External authority leads to disaster. For one to assume that it knows what is good for another being is preposterous. To subject leads to usury, external bribery, theft of health, de-education, "suffering", and ultimately... mental domination... manipulation from all sides. To seek or to consent kon-troll would therefore seem to be anti-self, and also would put others in an "enabled" position of violating oneself.

Therefore, to subject oneself is to violate oneself, and as such, is to violate natural law. Your "government" is not your parent, and soon it will not have the resources or the intent to feed you anyway. Its time to quit lying to ourselves and to each other. "Telling the truth has become a revolutionary act." Now is a time to quit worrying about politicians and the government. Its time to stop saluting those who withhold the necessary facts. It's time to rediscover community and gratitude. It's time to start taking self-responsibility. Good speed to you all, and in the face of coming challenges, may this provide a catalyst of emancipation from subjective behavior, stagnant energy, and expired methods of play. May this be a year filled with light, revitalization, and personal growth for all!

Hugs n' peace...

Very respectfully and sincerely,

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