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the Book a of mujaheddin (written by Shamil Basaev)

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posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 11:54 AM
i thought i would post this here ,for anyone that might be intrested in an inside look at a mujaheddin's way of life , this book was written buy a mujaheddin by the name of Shamil Basaev , many of you might have heard of this guy as the directer and planner of the Beslan school hostage crisis , however the out come of that incident is in question , you can read more about it here

i would also like to say that for the few people out their on ats who are into profiling for what ever the cause may be this book gives a really good inside look at the way of the mujaheddin , i have not yet had a chance to read through the whole book but in my opinion they are like modern day samurai i know it sounds strange saying that but when you start reading you will know why i say that , the book is in a PDF format and you can find the book for free here

i will continue to post on this topic as i go through the book and i urge anyone els who would be interested to do the same.

for the learning soldier this book will give you an inside look at heart of a true warrior ,or enemy

hope you all enjoy

many thanks


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