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is this a snub?

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posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by Silver Star

well to be exact i wanted her as an email only buddy

but then I pickedup a wireless router for her from the local freecycle and suddenly she is all over me like a rash and I had to go to her granddaughters birthday party even though I would have preferred remaining a little more distant

and then she started callign me her sister and i still wouldhave preferred to remain a little distant

amd so when my hubby got a job I told her that because i dotn have a car I cannot visit her and obviously it will be difficult to visit her because that would have to work around hubbys work time and sleep time and this was all 100% true

so honestly I have not seen her for quite some time and she had not contacted me

I thought that was fine because she was trying to convert me to christianity and I cannot be converted lol

now on the 23rd of december she turns up on my doorstep with a food parcel so we get talking and I ask her if the doll house has furniture and tellign her that I have gifts and will drop them to her home as soon as she tells me what size furniture the doll house needs and that I will somehow make hubby take me to her home for a quick visit on the 24th so the present is there on xmas day for the child

and the rest you know already

I dont know where you get the idea I am needy - I am the one who would prefer that we two remain a little more distant but still friends - she is the one who is all over me like a rash callign me her sister and askign me to come over a lot more often

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 05:05 AM
I think now that she became my friend only to convert me to her church so in other words she had an ulterior motive that I did not know about

all the christian emails and the emails where her church is how she was waiting for rapture, and how every time I went to visit her I managed to be there when she had to say grace for something or other

despite that I bit my tongue about the things I wanted to say- perhaps a mention of Harry Potter movies, or as my hubby said to her grand daughter - we are both Leos and that must be why we both like the chicken flavoured chips [neither of us look up our horoscopes]

should have seen them pounce on that so that the grand daughter did not get to hear any more about that subject

now some of you might say - it does not hurt me to hear her say a prayer etc but it seemed to me I was contantly biting my tongue in case I said soemthing that was not approved of in her home but she was not extending the same curtesy my way

so it just suited me when my hubby got a job and so I could not visit her as often. She knew I have no car so she could always invite me to go with her but that never happened

so I am now convinced she snubbed me this badly because I did not want to be converted and wait for rapture with her though i cannot understand that she was hugging and kissing me and promising to get back to me immediately and then she just snubbed me - that is so two faced!

she could have done it so the grand daughter did not miss out on a christmas present from me though because I give a gift with open heart and no ulterior motives

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