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Wilbur Smith....The World will Someday Thank You....

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posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 05:08 PM
When it comes to UFO evidence, i am afraid, There is an age barrier.
Not that the trail grows cold with the passage of time, but just the opposite.
The early years of ufology, just after the second world war,and into the next decade or so,is wherte the security levels were the least ridged, and the people involved more morally responsible in some kind of all of us together ww2 mind set.
The corporate personality was not yet the stereo type,and men who were in the know, were far more apt to share that knowledge off the record so to speak.
The nebulous situation which this research pioneer found himself in security wise,allowed him to be remarkably detailed, in the revelations and the contacts which he personally made!
What we have here is a dialogue (If we wish to follow it)between an earth electrical engineer of no mean ability, and an alien intelligence.....
This stuff must be preserved, and studied by abler minds than mine,I just wonder what can be made of this comparing it with our own views....somebody should indeed do the math just out of idle curiosity....
If you find anything me
read on.....or listen to
Wilbur Smith
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