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Rant about stuff

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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 01:27 PM
So I want to rant, and this is going to be more of a long string of thoughts more so than a rant about anything particular, so either way dismiss it as your leisure. I think that society is pretty screwed up but don't necessarily think there is an elite controlling things because first of all if these elite did exist they would be really screwed up in the head and so there isn't really anything that they are controlling, but covering up crimes of some type is a possibility, secondly these elite are not even elite but parasites off of productive nations and so are just usurpers and vultures. They only give themselves titles and lordship in order to hide their deficient weaknesses. But side issue, the world is what it is, there is nothing controlling it except gravity and a few other quasi powers we haven't discovered yet. But that is not to say that nothing controls it. Not a God getting ready to judge us but an unbroken unity that encapsulates all things. Call it karma or fate or evolution but there is some type of plan and this plan is more divine than it is human, but it is really more of a potential than a plan, the potential to experience some massive consciousness expansion with your mind, all thanks to being human. What other species can use language in such a way as to contemplate their existence, create a philosophy and practical sciences, and embark on journeys of self realization? Maybe the dolphin, octopus, but that's a stretch, humans are the only obvious species that can do this. Whether it is with our brain, or nervous system, or mind, the point is we can be aware that we are aware, self-aware, and this self-awareness allows us to understand our position in this plan of the universe. We are but a fraction of the whole, but we originated from the whole, so there must be some connectivity still remaining between the two. The individual can never be the universal, but the individual comes from the universal, just as the universal comes from the pre-time laws regardless of what they are called, i.e. Karma, God, evolution, and thus everything originates from this one source. It has to be one source as opposed to two, because if there were multiple realities we could say there are realities which are complete realities yet separate from each other.There are different levels of reality, but only one reality, we can't even point to reality, it's just everything that exists. But even then, that is just the present, or the current present, which will soon become the past. The real reality is transcendent, beyond time, beyond eternity, beyond any conception of time. Infinity. And so the universe continues on finitely, but since a finite thing can never reach infinity, it goes on forever and ever. So on one hand, the universe has no point to it, on the other hand, the point is infinity and so the universe goes on forever and ever. But rather than only seeing a glimpse of this, we can go towards that first cause, the transcendent cause, and then see the whole where we used to only be able to see the part. It is a philosophical ascension of the mind to a higher plane of thought, momentary at first, but through analytical contemplation it can be accessed more and more, and the "light" illuminates ever more clearly. Once we tap into that, our true self, we are never alone in the dark again when it comes to life. We metaphorically "cross the bridge" of confusion and suffering and enter on the other side to a paradise, one not of a place and time but of a transcendental nature and quality. Everything comes from this essence.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 02:05 PM
interesting rant...couldn't quite make all of it out but it sounded like it made sense.

here's my rant... I was in a big hurry today and had to leave the house without brushing my hair. I totally went outside with bed head and my hair is real long. If I lived in the country I could get away with that #.

second rant... no strange visitors yet.

On the up side I do have devil's food cakes and chocolate cupcakes. Things could be much worse.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 07:25 AM
why do people cling to the so called 'official story', which is really just the criminal cover story, the lie to get themselves out of trouble? Why do people cling to it almost religiously? The so called 'conspiracy theorist' which is really just the independent investigators, plural, despite what the mainstream, really the lame stream, wants us to think. So the real problem is the double thinking, improper labeling of words. So each word should be written official-story/lie, where the first term is the 'double think' word and the second word after the slash is the accurate description. Perhaps a more accurate way is to put the true word first, then followed by the double think, such as criminal-elite/bankers

So what angers me about the criminal-elite/bankers is that they try to make it seem like caring about them is none of the public's business, even though they are banking with the public's interest, literally. The amount of double think is amazing.

How can we stop it? Maybe we can't, maybe the next best thing is to simply expose the sheep, so others won't listen to them. Expose as many sheep as possible so the herd can be a bit more independent. Maybe that is not possible either, maybe as Descartes said, to doubt everything, except for the fact you are doubting, because if you do doubt that you are doubting, then that would allow you to arise at some type of supreme confusion, which seems metaphysically impossible, lying to yourself. Maybe that is all it is, lying to yourself, or telling yourself a lie so good you no longer know if it is true or not. Hmm...interesting. Maybe it is a moral dilemma, you think the government is good so you must believe them in order to be a good person, otherwise you are "breaking the law," but the law allows for dissenting opinion, so if you don't have a dissenting opinion in America, you are "breaking the law" which possibly explains why America is so arrogant, we have to, by law. Does that relieve people of their actions? Simply because it's "the law" what does that even mean, "the law?" Isn't "the law" casually written by men based on whims mostly composed of greed or ignorance? Yes, so that law is pointless. The natural law, like gravity, which can not be overcome except by force, is that the law? But it can be overcome. Imagine a government that says "you are legally not allowed to overcome any laws, including gravity," well that may be their law but according to natural law you can overcome gravity, so gravity must not be the highest law. Which law can you not overcome? Your self? But people deny their self all the time and live dual lives. You can't overcome the fact that you can lie? But does that even make sense? The law allows you to lie or to tell the truth, the law gives you a choice, and as Rush says, "if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice," so it appears that CHOICE is the natural law since you can't escape it, which would indicate that you do have some type of limited free will, though not absolute free will to make up choices, only on certain occasions can you do that, not always. So what is the choice? To believe the lies, or the truth? Of what benefit is the lie? Only to get out of some sort of trouble you caused for yourself. And what does the truth say? It accepts responsibility. That is what it is really about. Responsibility. More so than respect, since respect comes and goes, one day's respect does not necessarily linger, or does it? Perhaps it does and it doesn't.

*p.s. feel free to give your own rant if you like, no need for me to hog the mic.

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