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Want to know what's Happening to the world? Wake Up Call.

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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 10:54 AM
Want to know what's Happening to the world?

This business world has turn the world upside down. They think they are working together, just can't wait till the aliens use super virus to kill every being (every as in alien(if you believe in aliens), humans, animals, etc) in this world (destroy all Facilities!). Like this stupid Gene warfare going on (look up the ladder not down the ladder)? Who turned themselves into half bred monsters?

Stop protecting America (wake up Militia's)! A side note not everyone is the enemy (just because they are in a different Race). Corporate World must end first. What happened to the old Storm in and get out style (It's their land they have protection rights)? They're just using it to stall us from getting rid of the bad.

Hybrids (those who support race mixing GTFO!) I'm not a Nazi but they are half truth.
Machines (like your little Toys and gizmoes?) When they run out of men they will use them.
Virus/Bacteria/Parasite (all from labs) Dropping stuff from the Air.
Like Nuking people (Just an excuse to mutate everyone/including parasites)? This includes any bombs that can be mutate things.Who ever controls the nukes are the ones that are afraid of the rebellion.


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