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Sensory Perception A Pale Nail Production

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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 09:44 AM

Sensory Perception is an independent, sci-fi drama, feature length film about a recovering drug addict who sees visions of an apocalyptic future. The story focuses on human weakness and how we're all connected, whether we realize it or not, and how even small decisions can lead to dire consequences......
Most of this amazing film has already been shot on a small microbudget. We were able to achieve a high quality, and high production value several different ways:
* Innovation. Sensory Perception is one of the first feature films to ever be shot on the 5d Mark II, which is currently trending in the film industry right now for its amazing quality and low cost. The exceptional, low light sensitivity of this camera allowed us to work "lighter". Less artificial lighting, less set-up, less crew needed, lower cost.
* We were able to lock down great locations at little or no cost by working directly with local municipalities and networking.
* Employed a thorough casting process, screening applicants from New York City, CT, and Massachussetts to find the very best local talent.
* Once again: Innovation. We achieved interesting camera perspectives in part by constructing our own support equipment (snorricam, dolly, jib).
* Arranged shooting schedule to entice recognizable name talent.
* Securing a quality, independent soundtrack to the film at low cost via extensive, nationwide screening and networking.

Sensory Perception is a true, grassroots, independent film. If we continue to execute these last few scenes with the same vision and high standard as we have, the film will no doubt be successful. It will pave the way for future indie filmmakers that have the dream, but not the bank account, by showing another working model outside the "industry" paradigm.
Proving the 5d Mark II can be part of a quality camera package is important to us. Here at Pale Nail Productions, we believe it will be the single biggest industry "game-changer", in regards to enabling the microbudget, truly independent filmmaker stand a chance against the bigger, "independent" studios, and Hollywood.
Beyond that, we're out to show the world that there is still an audience for the avant-garde film. Hollywood has numbed us with shine, gloss, and sensory overload, but the soul and important questions that used to be asked and expressed in cinema yesterday, are no longer as important today. We hope, through our film's success, to encourage newer filmmakers to embrace the reflective value film's can have on the audience, and society as a whole.
We are a small group of focused, determined, and creative individuals that have come together to make deep and thought provoking films, and in the process, change how they're made through innovation and forward thinking.

Sensory Perception is a sci-fi, feature length drama about Jeremy Jacobs, a "recovering" drug addict struggling to get his life back together. Things get even harder for him when he begins to have visions of an apocalyptic future. Stalked by strange messages and shadowy figures, he is persuaded that there's a way to avert this future disaster. Although, fighting through addiction, paranoia, and skepticism, he finds it difficult to convince anyone, even himself, that we can change.

Visit us at
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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 02:52 PM
Looks awesome....thank you...this is exactly what I was dying to see.

Again my friend, thank you, and thank your wonderful husband for me. These trailers look great. I've been waiting a long time to actually see the project, but due to being disconnected from the normal channels of communication, I couldn't locate these. Again, looks GREAT!

I wish you guys all the luck with this...and when you get famous and rich, remember- you WILL need a butler...Mr Mask is a great butler...


posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by Mr Mask

Thanks, it has been a work in progress. Now we just need investors to pay for Corbin Bernsen and the final scenes. 13 k is not easy to come by and people do not like to reach into their pockets, even if they believe in the vision. Never a butler my friend, you will never serve me. We will build you a house in our commune, but you have to be willing to relocate to the middle of nowhere.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 03:47 PM
reply to post by Mr Mask

I forgot to add that you'll have to farm or build, so get out your overalls and put that butler suit away. Big Jim says Montana, I think that may be a little too desolate for my taste.

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