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9/11 may of been an omen and not a the tragedy that has taken hold!!

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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 01:44 AM
9/11 did a few things.

Its inflated the stock of the word "terrorist". It claimed many lives and it shattered quite a few dreams. It caused massive chaos in New York which spread most rapidly round the "free" world and is still deeply ingrained itself in a lot of people.

But......9/11 has done some wonderful things for the survival of man kind.

Man kind was always on the downwards spiral even before 9/11. If we believe the rumors then great forces like the NWO, Illuminati and other sinister types have been plotting their way to total control and depopulation of the world for a very long time.

So what has 9/11 done that is so good?

1) NWO - It has highlighted the danger of the people in POWER. It has made millions of people aware that the elite and corporations are controlling our every move and thought and trying to destroy us in all manner of ways. It has thrust the conspiracy theorist into the spot-light, not as the weird cretin but as someone who may of been right all these years.

2) ISLAM - It has opened peoples eyes to the FACT that the Muslim population is growing beyond belief and that they are becoming the dominant population on the planet. It has highlighted the plight of people who live in Muslim countries and how their lack of sympathy for Human Rights is a danger to everyone. It has highlighted a fact that the the Muslim religion is a dangerous one, one that destroys and devalues life. Even if Muslims did not commit 9/11 they are now the most prominent group of terrorists that have actually used violence to kill and maim people in recent history. 9/11 has opened the eyes of the western world to the threat of Islam and a large group of its follower. It is not the peaceful religion people claim it to be and even the koran offers Muslims the chance to become martyrs and claim 72 virgins, by bringing a jihad or "freedom fight" to those who oppose their ways.

3) TRUTH - Before 9/11 people were not to interested in the truth. They wanted the big house, the nice car the holidays and everything else was not on their radar. Now after 9/11, people have seen that their governments are actually lying to them. Forcing them into unreasonable positions and creating fear and distrust in the people who we elected to be our leaders. 9/11 has woken the people up, made them ask questions, made them ask their governments to account for things that are plain untruths. Its has caused the people to be skeptical of government intentions, and has made us challenge the government over issues that concern us all.

To me, 9/11 was a blessing in disguise. There were many who were aware that things are not what they seemed. Now, since 9/11 vast numbers of people from all walks of life have started to fight back and call out those in POWER.

It may be too late but at least we have now begun to see the light. I hope more people join the fight against TPTB and maybe we can defeat our enemies or at least stop their plans coming to fruition.

One might even suspect that someone is working behind the scenes to force the public and the people to see the governments and elites for what they really are. One might think that with everything that we have learned over the last ten years and are still learning today, that we definitely have someone pushing us the people, in the right direction.

I highly doubt that TPTB would havemade all these mistake in the last ten years without someone with their "organization" acting against their wishes.

So 9/11 has offered us a future in some ways. It has offered us the chance to fight and take back our countries and freedoms and showed us how giving a group of people all the power might not be such a good thing.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 01:49 AM
The man makes a fairly reasonable point. Often, it takes a sudden, unexpected slap in the face for us to wake up. Notice I did not use the word 'unwarrented'.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 02:05 AM
Honestly, I think this is more a list of how 9/11 opened your eyes not the general public's. I think most people still want that big house, could careless about the NWO and hated muslims long before 9/11. The only blessing is that we have exterminated about 1,000,000 useless eaters on the other side of the planet and secured a major fuel supply for the next 10 years or so. Maybe TPTB have your best interest at heart. Someone must pay for our freedom.

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