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How much will you let them steal?

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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 10:28 PM
1 dollar?
2 dollar?

What about hundred dollars? Would you punch someone in the face, who was trying to steal your hundred dollars?

What about 500?

OK forget about those numbers.

They have already stole over 8000000000000.

Almost all of the above money was given to the big businesses. We know the big businesses invest heavily on politicians, and politicians are in the same bed as them.

Now they want to steal some more:

The Federal Reserve issued a statement on Tuesday that due to shallow improvement in US economic data it will stick to its commitment to pump another $600-billion of cash into the economy and keep interest rates close to zero indefinitely, AFP reported.

So 8 trillion is not enough, they want more.

Heck, the businesses shouldn't even do business anymore, why should they? Why should a thief do business when they steal?

Why should these big companies do business, when they steal your money right in front of your face. I call it magic, deception, while you are distracted about how Islam is trying to take over your country, they are taking over your children, making them future slaves.

Good job, that is what you get for being ignorant.

So, how much will you let them steal before you pick up your balls?



posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 11:29 PM
I am sorry my friend. In order for that kind of change it will take a revolution. The problem is we are not ready for a revolution. Everybody is happy for the moment(while the dollar is worth something) and have no reason or ambition for a revolution. Everybody thinks that it is all well for them and are occupied with things. As long as there are jobs, there are things.
The FED runs the country and has a firm grip on power. A power that they will not give up. For the FED to lose this power the country would be in rubble.


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