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Why Does the World Seem So Evil?

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posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 10:24 AM
I don't think it is the EVIL IN ALL OF US -- I believe the true problem is, that as people, we have created societies too complicated for a small tribal structure. We created a situation where Psychopaths could gain control. IN a tribe or a family, you would detect these flawed people who have no empathy -- but as social structures get more removed, the Psychopath can surround themselves with enablers and people who respond to domination.

Its like the problem I have with religions that teach FAITH is the greatest virtue. There are different types of faith -- but the one they SELL, is to "BELIEVE AND NOT QUESTION." Why do we have the Pope happen to be the man to cover up thousands of child molestations (probably more)? Because the Psychopaths always try to gain power in institutions of unquestioned authority. Any time you have a group that cannot be questioned like the Military, the Church, or the "trust us, we are the experts" secret services -- you will ALWAYS eventually have it run by Psychopaths.

AUTHORITY and FAITH are the soil from which these weeds can grow.

Once you realize that the world is run by the amoral, who LIKE to push morality, ignorance, and fear and control it by extortion and favors -- things start making sense. Our country does not have a huge military to protect us from some other country -- it is there to ENFORCE the will of those in power; Multinational Corporations and their enabling governments. It's also there to eat up lots of resources and money -- got to keep feeding the parasites.

For instance; IF our military were actual looking at China as a threat -- WHY would we have military weapons producing companies like GE setting up factories in China -- or selling factories in the US to Dubai?

Absolute Power does not corrupt -- the absolutely corrupt Seek Power.

Take a quick read about PONEROLOGY: the study of evil

So often, the desire to clean up the environment, or stop the EVIL of some corporation, is ended because of the INCONVENIENCE it might cause -- or it might make people LOSE JOBS. A fair system that did not allow abuses, would employ MORE PEOPLE -- but that never is brought up...

Laura: People are afraid of making waves for fear of losing what they have, of losing their peace, of having to exert effort to resist. After all, it does take all their time to keep the illusion going, they must slave daily to keep the SUV from being repossessed, and they want to have time for the football game on Saturday.

Henry: They also figure that Bush only has a couple of years left anyway. The system will take care of itself...

Now, this is an old quote about the Bush administration. I believe that we STILL HAVE THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. I don't think that Obama is a Psychopath -- but I think he is one of those people who talks tough, but has to please the dominant person -- like Clinton before him; easy to manipulate. Here is another pertinent quote;

Henry: First of all, it needs to be said that "mad people" don't need the support of large populations, only a powerful minority that can both "drive" the population and control it. Look at the polls in the United States. Bush has been hovering around 30% popularity for years - and that is the population as a whole. But because he is backed by a very powerful minority, the people who own the media, the arms industry and their military supporters, the oil companies, among others, popular discontent doesn't matter. And as long as Bush's politics don't overtly affect the ordinary American negatively, they don't care enough to do anything about it.

Another great article here;" target="_blank" class="postlink">In my experience, agents of the psychopathic system that dominates our lives really hate it when the knowledge of the study of political evil is disseminated.

>> I may be out on the edge here -- but I've come to believe over the years, that a large portion of ALL OUR GOVERNMENTS are being controlled by a sophisticated conspiracy. It isn't just one group -- it's an organic outgrowth of the societies we have made; top-down power.

ATC / ATA bribed Dennis Hastert
When I read the accounts of Sibel Edmonds, blowing the whistle on Dennis Hastert -- it wasn't that he was working for the Turkish government that amazed me -- it was that nobody in the FBI CARED! It tells me that the system is so corrupt, that the leaders in most of our major systems of power are more comfortable with a crook on the take (with anyone) than they are with an honest person. It's likely that Turkey isn't the ONLY group buying a major politician -- but if you are on the take from China, or Homeland Security/CIA -- it isn't about any philosophy (unless you are Joe Lieberman) -- it's about your love of money or perversion. So you want to be around the GUILTY -- you don't want to support people like Cynthia McKinney or someone on a mission. You want cynical people like yourself, or people easily intimidated, or a moron -- why do you think that's all we SEE when watching C-SPAN. Why is the village idiot always getting elected Arizona and Virginia?

>> The carrot and stick in the world is that intelligence agencies like the Mossad, or the CIA, or MI-6 spend most of their time, helping some leader into bed with a dead hooker or young boy, or get hooked on drugs, or involved in some great crime -- something inexcusable. People like Karl Rove -- only work with people they have dirt on. It's they same way the Mob makes "made men." They don't trust someone who hasn't killed for the mob or doesn't have their hands dirty.

So they Psychopaths in power, are USUALLY going to be people who are "made" by some parasite like Karl Rove, or some intelligence agency. Your GOAL is not to help the USA -- your goal is to get your claws into as many powerful people as you can -- you are ALL SAFE if everybody is GUILTY. Why the heck did the Democrats -- on the face of it the "adversaries" of the Republicans, not take advantage of their power to investigate the Bush White house? They either have a gun to their heads or someone has dirt on them to. Karl Rove is a puppetmaster -- but it's very likely he's visited the Marinas Islands or a Latin American country or had a visit by a White House page and someone has dirt on him.

When you hear about the Senator who likes molesting pages … he probably GOT SUPPORT politically, BECAUSE he had a horrible secret.

What the HECK was the CIA doing at the Watergate hotel?
They were funded by Homeland Security. Goss himself was involved (separated at birth from Gates), and the Media -- which is supposed to love perversion, violence and selling tickets, didn't think it was interesting enough to really follow. WE know a lot more about Brad and Jennifer than why the heck our CIA was entrapping our own Representatives. How far have we fallen that this is not the biggest news of the day but just another speed bump?

Why has the US been threatening Iran for over 30 years? Why is Israel plagued with the threat of Palestine when they have almost complete control over everything going into or out of this large concentration camp? Why does North Korea launch a missile every time there is a protest against American bases in Japan? Why has India and Pakistan been fighting over a dump like Cashmere for decades? Why do we have nuclear aircraft carriers when we have politicians getting bribes or extortion from China and Russia?

The better question is; WHO WOULD YOU VOTE FOR, if your enemy was talking about bombing your country, and had troops on your border and aircraft carriers on your coastline? Two weeks before the Iranian elections, George Bush had his "Axis of Evil" speech, and moved even more troops on the border of Iran. The MOST anti-American President got voted in (barely). Our press has never covered the fact that Iran is (kind of) a Democracy, and that after 9/11, they had the largest pro-American rallies in sympathy with the US -- they also sent troops to help us in Afghanistan. The CIA now sense money to Al-Qaeda groups supporting terrorism INSIDE Iran. If it were not for the constant threats by our military against Iran -- the Oligarchs would have been kicked out a long time ago.

The scary enemy, supports the Fascist. The Likkud party in Israel, needs the constant threat of Palestine to stay in power. The USA needs the Communists, or Bin Laden or whatever boogie man. If there isn't one, they need to find some poor, dumb gang members in Miami, and give them boots and outfits and plans and make it LOOK like there is an enemy.

I always remember the example of the GREAT CRUSADES. We were taught in school that this was driven by a Holy War -- that suddenly, people in England realized there were non-Christians in the Middle East. Later, I learned that the Industrial Revolution, created a situation where there was more food and more resources suddenly available. The number of "semi-royals" that survived childbirth skyrocketed. All those privileged bastards needed land to be in charge of. So the Crusades were an outlet; let these semi-royals run amuck in these foreign lands, and if they manage to keep any of it -- GREAT, if they die in the process -- GREAT!

The process called "Castle Building" has been around for almost all of human history. If the citizens start complaining about supporting the king and his castle -- you're ENEMY would attack your people. They'd scurry into the castle while the enemy burnt their fields. After the Knights and troops repel the enemy, they don't complain about cost of higher walls and bigger canons. IN fact, Knights themselves were rarely killed in battle, it was more about the enemy capturing them and ransoming them back. A game for Psychopaths more or less; get more of your rivals knights and you get to have more money -- but the war never ends.

Mexico is well on the way to becoming America's Palestine. People will be focused on the hype, the desperation, the drug killing madmen. They won't be focused on the corporations employing these desperate people on BOTH sides of the border. The News will dutifully cover the damage that drug dealers do -- but not that it's the war on drugs that causes it. They won't mention that Bush strong-armed the President (that we put in power by helping to manipulate their elections), to drop a decriminalization effort. Nope, somehow, opportunities for advancement will be rare, and schools too expensive -- but there will be plenty of money for fences and troops -- but somehow, the "illegals" will still make it across the border to work in factories and lower wages in the US, and then we will get mad bombers.

>> Why is the MATH never mentioned? A worker with no rights working at DuPont in Mexico, at a plant with no pollution restrictions is going to do LESS for the US economy than an "illegal worker" here in the US who has to pay rent and support a family. The PROBLEM, is allowing DuPont to not have to pay the difference in labor costs and in pollution costs to import -- the PROBLEM, is that it's cheaper to buy commercials on our TV's than to pay more for workers, safety and environmental standards.

BP spent a few million on ads on CNN, and they saved Billions. They write the rest of the "penalty" off on taxes. We don't know this because the people in charge of protecting our interests, got into power with BP money, and the judges and the reporters on TV.

The more violence, the more despair, the more unquestioned power that Psychopaths get. And the countries with the most inequities, get the most religion. The BIG LIE, is that people MUST be in conflict, that problems cannot be solved. The solutions are actually rather easy. Can we not tell the difference between what life was like for the common person in the USA in 1975 versus 1475 in England? Life is better -- and NONE of that was due to prayer, or armies, or more people investigating citizens. Being able to speak freely, challenge power, and have equal justice under the law and live without fear. More education and more opportunity suddenly makes happier people who are less violent.

THE USEFUL ENEMY - Playing the ends against the Middle.

90% of Pakistan is illiterate -- and THAT is why they need a continuous war with India; to keep them from going on Jihad against their own government.

Israel would NEVER have a suicide bombing if they stopped admitting Palestinians -- but THAT would mean an end to cheap labor.

Saudi Arabia needed their people to focus on bad old Saddam, and follow Bin Laden in a never-ending Jihad against the USA (did we even know?) or otherwise, they'd remember how much they hate the royal family.

Democracy was breaking out in Kuwait, so James Baker had to tell Saddam Hussein it was OK to invade. The royals were safely in Saudi Arabia at the time. What are the chances we told the Kuwait royals to start the slant drilling?

posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 10:43 AM
Mankind has always been corrupt. The more power and money you have, the more opportunity for corruption on a larger scale. You gave some examples of that evil. Because of the scale of evil available to the rich and powerful, our society used to have extremely high standards of character for the elite in our society. That included getting into college and getting elected to or hired into important jobs

People without opportunities for large scale schemes of evil respond to temptation within their realm of power. From the father or mother who acts upon the urge of adultery and family wrecking, leaving children disadvantaged in broken families and love broken, to the shoplifter who can not contain the urge to steal, to the friend who lies out of habit or to hide their guilt, every human being struggles with the call of temptation. Some struggle to resist the temptation while others could care less.

posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 11:06 AM
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posted on Dec, 10 2010 @ 01:26 PM
reply to post by VitriolAndAngst

I would say we are at the very end of the end of times as we know them. The "faith is everything" concept is the mark of the beast in the bible as Swedenborg put it and church is the beast of the bible. Whoever can defend such a corrupted concept? Only a wicked member of the clergy. Church took away all power from the individuals and all good people left church of course. Now they are lost just like I was lost for such a long time. Luckily I could feel what was going on.

The other religions have also become more or less corrupt of course and if you can see it that means you have a chance to see the emergency exit before too late. In fact, the world can not get worse, it can only get better and the cosmos is a cyclic system, once it reaches the bottom point it can only reverse things upwards. So be prepared..

That being mentioned, try a method whereby you "experience" your truth as you cultivate your body and mind.

I did that and I can only recommend it to anyone sincerely searching for truth abot human life and the inherent law of the cosmos. Read the book Zhuan Falun about being a good person, your third eye, karma-virtue transformation, supernormal(inborn) abilities etc etc:

In my words: Just focus on becoming a good person and being virtuous. Welcome the change when it arrives.

/Zhen-Shan-Ren(Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance) is good, Falun Dafa is good.

posted on Dec, 11 2010 @ 08:53 AM

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