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Canada-U.S. in 'perimeter security' talks- another step closer to the NAU...

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 09:45 AM
The information is

Good morning ATSers! Saw this article today and the first impression that came to mind was the North American Union. Prior to posting this I check out and it looked like the last one was quite a while ago o perhaps its been a little hush-hush in this department with most of the focus on Wikileaks and the bowel movements of N Korea.

The last paragraphs in the article give us some indication of the developments already close to position: In March, the U.S. announced it was negotiating a similar deal -- dubbed New Border Vision -- with Mexico... and the piece mention that the US/Canada /Mexico will meet in Ottawa on December 13. The first comment to this article is all for it happening of course.

So the attention of the masses has again been dulled by the developments catching the press and next we all live within a walled community...


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