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Sea towns? Sea people?

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posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 04:52 PM
Recently, in my historical learning impulse, I found some strange data from the bronze age, after de destruction of Troy by the Mycenaean.
Apparently, some years after Troy was gone, the so called Sea Towns ( not sure of the English term, they are called “Pueblos del Mar” in Spanish, mi language ) Appeared from the nothing.
What where the Sea Towns? Raider parties that no one could know from were do they came from for sure. They always appeared in boats, landing quickly and raiding as much as they could, most of the times destroying the whole settlement. Their weapons, helmets and boats had a Mycenaean stile, superior to the most of the other epoch weapons.
The horde began raiding at the own Mycenaean territory, whit a not yet restored army that quickly was destroyed, Mycenaean people got reduced to barbarians, their lost their alphabet and any advance and returned to caves as primitives.
But Those Towns keep moving to new lands at the south, the ones of the Hittites, a strong empire by the epoch which also felt in a fast war. Later, going down to south they faced Egypt, Egypt could stop them, but was never again a great empire and suffered great losses.
Egyptian testimonies are the only ones that had been found, and the ones that told us this little information.
The official explanation of today is that those men where unemployed or houseless generated by the war of Troy and different barbarians that took a raiding life, but personally, I don’t think that a bunch of poor fishermen and soldiers destroyed 2 of the 3 potencies of the era and almost the strongest of them.
I don’t dare to say any theory, but surely the official is not the correct.

The legend says literary
Red “ Invasions of the Sea Towns ( Beginning of XII Century before Christ ) ”
Blue “ Other Towns movements “

Comments? Corrections? Ideas?

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