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Will you reinvest in the markets if they take another hit (crash again)?

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 10:52 PM
I personally would. I think there NEEDS to be a crash in order to restore any confidence in realistic markets.

I was extremely annoyed to see an extension of unemployment benefits, as this will cause the hoi polloi to continue to spend money without thinking about their future needs, thus inflating corporate earnings. This spending will keep stocks high.

We need to accept a new status quo: idiots are not guaranteed jobs. You cannot just press buttons and expect 80k a year plus great benefits. You have to actually provide something to society.

I realize this will not resonate with some people that post here, but the reality is we cannot continue to forever support those who do not contribute anything. Those who do not contribute to the economy need to eventually realize that maybe 40k a year is not as bad as they think.

I am of the personal belief that our high employment is unsustainable In ancient Rome unemployment was at a much higher rate (some estimate 50%). If we assume a steady state of 15%, that is definite progress compared to less sophisticated times.

Also, people need to accept that we are not going back to a gold standard. That is a ridiculous idea that would transfer power to people who have gold ie the government will not control the money supply. Control of money is control of power. As a result, gold cannot come back.

This is a rant. I would love comments.

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 05:57 AM
reply to post by glaucon

the government does not control the money supply. the Fed is private, a fact they do not state openly, ie. they call it independent. (...)

unemployment benefits distorting the market? have you ever considered how much money they actually get? it's drop in the ocean compared to all these bailouts (which were done in one fell swoop to take advantage of the fact that people will quickly start to forget once more 'news' are published). it's always good practice to address the elephant in the room before going after the bugs, right? don't get me started on the obvious existence of the PPT, the gold market and so on.

PS: 80k salary? pfft, where, how, i mean are you living on Mars?

posted on Dec, 8 2010 @ 06:31 AM
$40K?? I have never made that much. In fact my pay was the highest in 96 and dropped to a lower level since and stayed the same ever since. Same job for 36 years. Too many people in all forms of government jobs have made far too much money. When a PE teacher makes twice the average pay in a local community, something is wrong. But They think it’s justified. Those people in Bell Ca took things to the far extreme. Based on these inflated pays the big wigs in all branches of finance (bank, stock) have been able to justify their millions.

In answer to the original question YES! I made money in the markets the last two years.

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