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Hello ATS, I just wanna introduce myself and ask a question.

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 11:08 AM
I've stalked ATS for a while never really cared to post anything before, but today I was on another website and I came across this post:

"A family friend of mine was flying out of Logan Airport in Boston a couple months ago. He told the guy at the metal detector that he had a steel plate in his wrist from when he broke it a couple years ago - the guy grabbed him, took him to a back room, and subjected him to a strip search. He made my friend bend over and spread his ass cheeks! That, to me, is crossing a major line, and is a total violation.

I actually met up with him after he got off the plane, and he was miserable all day. And the dude is almost 70 years old."

I'm just wondering if there any news story about this or anything that would verify her claim? Or maybe the guy was too embarrassed to come forward? Mhm. Thanks and hello.

By the way, her comment was referring to TSA.
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