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Wikileaks and Satans hidden agenda

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 03:56 AM
Well I was reading another thread regarding the Wikileaks description by a presenter as Satans puppets...not so sure about the whole thing about ATS ....but the New world Order are Puppets Of Satan and they use a great many mediums to promote their propoganda and Hidden Agendas.
Is Wikileaks directly Involved with satan...NO. It is just another mechanism being used by Satan and his Puppets...But lets not Just focus on Satan....lets be aware of the Anti-christ in the manuevoring of the the NWO.
yes I think there will be a New World Leader that resents themselves during the reign of ww3 and he will prsent himself as the Christ...the Savior of panet Earth and i believe the method that this form will take is in the form of a So called Alien invasion. It will all be a ruse and a setup to control the people who will have endured such suffering like that never seen on this planet before.
We are in some interesting times here and we are DEFINATELY being manipulated by TPTB.
All Mediums that are being used is being used by both sides of the just saying Wikileaks Or Ats is a tool of just Satan is a bit of a broad brush approach which is not the the way to go on things.

lets look at some interpreted Qautrains in a book
The Nostradamus Code 2006-2012

(Centurie IV, Quatrain 50)
The Antichrist will take over Asia by appointing sub
commanders to rule vast tracts of land for him. But their ties to
him will be masked and the world will not realize they are
merely puppets until a succession of them are installed in the
place of predecessors. At first the U.S. will not interfere because
it is thought the government was freely chosen by the people, but
only later realize the leaders were forced on the populace as
mouthpieces and tools for the Antichrist.

Does this sound almost like how the American people are feeling at this present time.
From threads here on Ats i think it is somewhat.
The NWO are working hard.

Now as we go on about China...and how wikileaks is now being used to bring them into this global conflict lets look at this quatrain.

(Centurie III, Quatrain 95)
Russia will be his first major Asian conquest and he will do it not
through force but through guile and his compelling
persuasiveness. He will trick the Russians to come under his
power and there will be nothing they can do about it. They will
think they are acting in their own best interests. The Middle East
will be mostly under his control before he turns to Russia. Then
he turns to China and the rest of the Asian continent, to build a
position to take over the entire world. He will not trick the
Chinese but will some other method.

Now with the world being brought into global conflict....the Church will need to be addressed will it not...the point in this NWO plan is the removal of religion.

(Centurie V, Quatrain 43)
In addition to the cultural destruction of European cultural
centers, the Antichrist will ransack the Vatican library with the
intent of ultimately destroying it. He will do this to undermine
the authority of the Vatican and break up the power fragments
that remain. One way he will do this is by revealing important,
controversial material hidden in the Vatican library that the
Catholic Church will be seen to have suppressed because of the
threat to its authority. This will cause major schisms in the
church as priests and students turn against each other in their
theories and interpretations of the new material. The confusion
and chaos will remove the Catholic Church as an obstacle to the
Antichrist's plans.

We now believe in the many Black Ops that occur throughout the world on a regular basis...Is this just one more in the great scheme of things for global control.

(Centurie III, Quatrain 7)
The various weaker countries threatened by the Antichrist's
imperialism will call on stronger ones for help, like the U.S.
which will initially be neutral and uncommitted. The Antichrist
will be attempting to take over part of the world using aerial
warfare. In one battle in the night a squadron of unmarked planes
will rebuff his advance, sent secretly by the U.S.

now we look at the Alien influence of this posting...shall we see the Quatrain involved

(Centurie II, Quatrain 91)
Extraterrestrials tried to contact us in the Siberia Tunguska
explosion in the 0s. Similarly they will again visit the earth. The
Russians are doing secret weapons research and have energy
fields guarding northern approach corridors. Another spacecraft
will arrive, paralleling this incident. When the extraterrestrial
spacecraft enters the atmosphere the fields will cause it to
malfunction and many of the crew are killed.

When they crash, soldiers will be on hand to capture or kill them.
The ship will harbor microorganisms that will react in bizarre
ways to the earth climate and cause plagues of unknown origin,
which cannot be understood because of the extraterrestrial
causative organism. The country will be at war or fixing to go to
war and will have a paranoid mindset. Thinking the crash is a
result of enemy weapons, the soldiers will shoot anything that

now Also many people have this belief we are being watched and how this has been going on for a very long time

(Centurie IV, Quatrain 28)
During the time of troubles, when the sun is between the earth
and Venus, i.e. from the point of view of Earth Venus is hidden
by the sun, the Watchers (extraterrestrials) will be exposed
through the powers of observation and communication. Scientists
involved with radiotelescopy and related disciplines will observe
an anomaly, and as they focus on it they come to the realization
that it is a strong indication of a real UFO. The readings are
caused by an instrument sent by the Watchers to observe
The scientists and the populace will learn more about the probe
and the Watchers. But internal dissension will be created by
fundamentalists because the existence of extraterrestrials is not
consistent with their worldview. This will take place in
approximately 7 or 8. The Watchers are returning to mankind at
this time because they are trying to help him through gentle
prodding and increasing spiritual love. They have always kept an
eye on us and have observed our growth and development.
They're looking forward to the day we can join the universal
community and help with their project in a way that's unique to

This is all about a NWO being Created by Satan through the use of the Anti-christ(i personally dislike this term)
More like an upcoming world leader.

But does this senario for the NWO sound to contrived and to preplaned...well if your to look at Religious Text and interpretation it is not called Prophecy just to look good is it.

Does this mean we are all doomed as the position of this people move the chess pieces into place and the people of earth become fodder for the weapons that will be used...As dont think there are not weapons that will be used that we haven't got a clue to what they are...Remember Military tech is about 30yrs advanced of anything the consumer of tech ever sees.

The World is ripe for the taking of These people who want this to occur and they are using any and all mediums to get what they want....Why would the Internet be any different...but always remember there are good people out there that will use the same tech to expose the NWO...and so Wikileaks and ATS do get used for both purposes...and also some tech developed for the best of intentions can and does get used for the most of evil purposes. I myself made a directional microwave from a old Magnetron in and old oven and wow it was killer...but i quickly decided to get rid.

Whats that old saying "dont try this at home"

The Quatrains were taken from
The Nostradamus Code:

World War III

Michael Rathford

Interesting read but Remember all things can be changed through positive use this energy to make the change you want to see.

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by plube

Here we go again - NO SATAN - NO GOD - Wikileaks I still don't know about. This thread will scream out of control & get temp ban as well! Bring it on!

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:05 AM
reply to post by plube

Nostrodamus' texts are so abstract and open to interpretation that you can link them to any event which has ALREADY happened, as long as it coincides with a few nitpicks. As for satan, the bible and all, that too is so incredibly open to interpretation, which is why there are so many denominations of christianity. I could find a prediction just as likely possible while reading Harry Potter. You won't really get to a conclusion OP, but it may be fun to read through it.
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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:06 AM
reply to post by plube

I understand you took these predictions from a book, but who interpreted them and what the basis of the interpretations?

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:11 AM
Well I say Julian Assange is SANTA...

Prove me wrong!!!!!!

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:22 AM
reply to post by backinblack

Well we all know Santa is a misspelled word for and we will all dawn our red hats and dance around a christmas tree and celebrate....but i do love all the pressies.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:32 AM
Yes these are in terpreted by just another person and they are in relation to what could...POSSIBLY be yet another senario of the end times...just as so many things are interpreted in the Quran and the bible and so many other prophetic interpreted works.
The point is that Wikileaks and Ats are just mediums in all these things...and open to interpretation by others...and i hope that the thread will not go off topic as there is a NWO that is trying to dictate the outcome on the world stage and the more people are aware the better choice people can make on a whole and hopefully will learn not to be swayed by their hidden agenda.
I have stated the source of the book and the Author and it is an interesting read...and why would they be anymore of an Authority on the interpretations of Nostradamus over Me or anyone else...which leads us to the interpretation of the bible or the Quran...whats makes any religion a better interpreter of events than another.
That is a fine point here.
It is all open to opinion just as the whole NWO is open to opinion is it not....some believe there is no great movement of the NWO...and other think that it is a well planned agenda(My Camp).
So if it is a well planned agenda then who is behind it....should we give this person a name...many call him the Anti-christ(as i said i hate that term). But there would need need to be someone behind wanting to pull the strings of the puppets of this world.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:50 AM
I read and read and read some more. The more I look and see what the majority thinks and say's... I find myself in utter disappointment of so many minds. The OP in this case is more/less right on the money with what he is saying and the majority of you BEING SO BLIND TO THE TRUTH, you wouldn't even believe it if GOD himself came down and set it (THE TRUTH) in your lap. See the truth here is simple... DECEPTION. And if satan and his minions get so many of you to think (I think it's like this or that) to much or meet everything on your own terms, then there's nothing left for them to do, but move along to the next undeceided soul. TAKE A MOMENT AND LOOK AROUND YOU... WHAT DO YOU SEE? I SEE IT EVERYDAY... DAY IN, DAY OUT! The battle for our souls, the battle of good and evil. And the answer is simple... CHOICE! When you've made your choice to ignor the truth then your opinon is blinded by your wants and desires. I'm not here in the world or in my life forcing anyone to accept my faith in christ. Although I am sick of the level of ignorance and selfishness of those thinking for a moment that my position some how offends them with out me having to even say a word. That's why GOD exists... because once you have become a puppet and numbed to satan's deception, anything related to, spoken of, or hinting on the subject of... Will make you offended and offencive towards people such as myself for no real reason other than my perspective does not allign to yours. Nor does it have a place in your darkend heart! I ask that you take a moment and let this set in AS THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 04:55 AM
reply to post by plube

Well we all know Santa is a misspelled word for SATAN

Now that is the funniest thing on ATS today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only other thing close was Egyptians blaming Mossad for shark attacks!

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 05:31 AM
reply to post by drustyle

I gave you a star for understanding what i was saying in this thread...It is all about simple DECEPTION...a little twist here and a curve ball there to remove people from the real truth of the matter...there is i hidden agenda being perpetrated upon mankind and the deceptoin is moving onto the world stage as we are at the right technological stage for it to be implemented and the deception is now and we are being duped....
The Nostradamus Interpretation is there to show the Anti Christ in a non Religious context as if i put it out there as biblical then there would be a serious backlash.
Also i am non Religious but Religion plays a huge role in the lives of man and it is being used against us to put in place this NWO...Is there a God well that is open to interpretation through text just as the Quatrains of Nostradamus Are...but the underlying ebb that is sweeping the world is well Orchastrated and it is being moved by a Person who in the end will call themselves the Messiah...and that is where the Deception lays.
We will be in a great time of despair and will cling to anything that might appear to be better than the lives we have been brought into and it will be the NWO...that is the time when we will need to stand up for ourselves so we do not become led down the royal road to ruin.
So Star for your interpretation of what i was saying.

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posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 06:01 AM
reply to post by phatpackage

well is it quite so funny i do not blame santa for anything...i mean he is just a jolly old fat man who loves to give children pressies...right.
hmmmm...another deception of the times....comercialize this man...substitute him for the christ and lo and behold you have won...
now please do not take this thread in the realm of dicussing Santa but Is it yet another fine piece of work for the hidden Agenda of getting religion out of humanity.
Jesus Christ vs Santa Claus: Santa truly has been created to be a counterfeit Jesus to the Secular World!

As i am trying to point out nothing is as it seems and it has been this way for a very long time...NWO..thinking is not new and it's very organised and it is very very forward thinking and is use in all aspects of life to psychologically control who we think and act.

When people think that there is no war between good and evil we should all think again...I truely think we are for the most part introduced into this world as good and we are purposefully taught trained and programed to be bad so that the Hidden work of the NWO can move forward in this unseen battle between Good and Evil I know i am sounding religious in these words but i am far from it....but i will say that i am not going to walk blindly on this earth to be led astray into a realm of hate and ange towards my fellow man because some boob who calls himself the mesiah can hold the strings so i can be manipulated into a forced way of thinking.

When the time comes to voice our concerns we will be under the rule of a very very nasty individual whom will be presenting themselves as the one to ead humanity into peace...So don't be fooled by this i wont be.

the world is full of great things and wonderful human achievement that never gets glorified instead we glorify the world of hate.wars, and the suffering of all mankind...So if this is the kind of world one chooses to live under then we have been fooled and deserve everything we get.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 06:19 AM
I'm sorry, but why do these kinds of things have to be driven by Satan or God or Allah or Bhudda or Gomer Friggin' Pyle . . .

Can't anyone just accept that one of the basic human character flaws is greed? Hell, it goes back to the good old days of the Flintsones . . . if one caveman wanted what the other caveman had, he bonked him over the head and took it, be it a leg of wildebeest, his mate, a shiny friggin' stone or a llama pelt. Since the dawn of time, greedy bastards do whatever they want to get the other guys stuff.

Maybe the gang Wiki of Leaks just had enough and actually did something about it as opposed to sitting back, accepting a reaming by the powers that be and blaming it all on Lucy Fur, or posting thread after thread on how Homer Simpson is the prophet who can clearly see into the future, or some Colleen person sees a gasbag behind the sun.

Somebody actually did something in that this Assange fellow took it upon himself to gather some like-minded folks and expose those in positions of power for what they are . . . a bunch of greedy, narcissistic, short-dicked, pandering, lying leeches that live off the avails of those they rob . . . which is us . . . and they run around the world built on their own feelings of self importance to the point they can talk smack about anyone and everyone, then piss and moan like some teen-aged drama freak when they get caught mouthpiecing.

No Devil, no Jebus, no Gomer Friggin' Pyle . . . . just some skinny computer nerd doing what he thinks is right by outing a bunch of greedy self-serving rotten bastards who are clearly unhappy that their dirty deeds are being exposed.

Instead of crediting some godlike critter, maybe everyone should sit back and applaud the fact a group of people actually had the biggy figgies to do something for a change.

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by plube

Well thank you sir. It does fell a little good to know that people can still communicate and share there thoughts in regards to delicate matters.

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