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New Zealand Govt stays silent on new SIS powers

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 12:27 PM
in a strange and scary announcement new zealands SIS (Secret Internal Service)
has been given the power to tap track and hack citizens and visitors
in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY, this is justifyed by the fact that New Zealand is About to host the rugby world cup
but in a true poliece state measure, the people of New Zealand will not be allowed to know what these new laws are or how they would work.
in a submition blackout no metion of rights (or loss of rights) the SIS will now legally be able to bug and track individuals, cars, cell phones and HACK COMPUTERS of citizens and visitors to the country.

the govenment asks us to TRUST THEM with the new secret powers and PROMISES not to abuse this new power grab to install a citizen montering system that could be used to squash political decent

The Security Intelligence Service is to get greater powers to snoop inside personal computers.

They will also be allowed more electronic tracking of both people and vehicles.

so there is now a closed door process that makes us all suspects untill proven inocent
but the scary part is if they can hack your computer the SIS can ensure you are not inocent by having full access to
your computer.
if they really wanted to they could "load" anything onto your computer to make you guilty without your knowledge
if this was for a real concern why not allow people the right to make submittions on the new law.

the fact that the new laws concern new zealanders
but we are not allowed to know what the changes are scream power grab
how can we protest our loss of rights if we are excluded from the process?

So, the Government is rushing in legislation that will enhance the ability of the SIS to use electronic tracking devices and computer-based surveillance, and investigate mobile phones and cyber identities.

But in true secret service fashion, Mr Key was not saying just how this would work.

"What the legislation does is make the operation of the New Zealand SIS more effective and efficient when a warrant's issued. But for reasons of national security, I don't want to detail what those are."

Mr Key says the changes are needed to bring the spies into the modern age and comply with laws like the Bill of Rights, which protects New Zealanders' rights.

this doesnt look good for freedom from persicution if you decent from the political class

i am disgusted with my countrys "power grab" under the banner of "national security"
god have mercy on our "democracy" as we transition to be a clone of China

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by XPLodER

Heh I was about to post this in the Current Affairs forum, in a way it should be placed into the Breaking Alternative News section also. Its pretty important even if it is mildly obscure...

The thing is, from past history, often what gets done here in New Zealand ends up being done latter in other countries. Theres been a number of initiatives over the decades that have started in New Zealand only to be adopted only a short while latter in countries like Britain and America... I still think we're some sort of test bed country for certain foreign powers extreme ideas

Its interesting that they indicate the spy agencies powers are 'need to know' , never thought id hear that sort of thing from New Zealand politicians... rather chilling (given their reluctance with their travel perks being brought out into the open its not all that surprising).

Nothing like taking a dump on your citizens rights because they want to protect some rich foreign bastards coming over to watch some stupid one off Rugby matches that most NZers cant even afford to attend. And once this law is in, its in for good.

Whats also so bizarre is this Seal Massacre story... it turns up at the same time as this announcement (even though the seals died supposedly over a week ago from what i gathered in an area frequented by lots of tourists every day) and most Joe public is focused on it and this SIS article gets shunted to the side, why wasn't the seals in the news last week... why does it crop up now.

Originally posted by XPLodER
the govenment asks us to TRUST THEM with the new secret powers and PROMISES not to abuse this new power grab to install a citizen montering system that could be used to squash political decent

Given how so many of them (on both sides) reacted when the travel perks scandle got out in the open i wouldnt trust a single damn one of them. Maybe the Greens and Maori MP's.. but none of the main 2 parties.

My brothers deciding to encrypt his PC's data now, has nothing to hide but the thought of some spook mucking around inside your machine somehow is rather off putting. Given the New Zealand spy agency is more than likely just a puppet arm of the American Intelligence gathering organizations its not really New Zealanders watching New Zealanders, but America watching New Zealanders.

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posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 05:03 PM
It's true unfortuenatly, that the people don't care about the truth, they just want to be heard.

Those are the words of Julian Assange, and I believe it to be true.

Please keep up the spirit down in NZ, and remember there are people who fight for everyones right to be heard and their right to information.

We will see many more attacks on personal liberty the next couple of months, do not accept it!!!!!!

Good Luck,

posted on Dec, 6 2010 @ 06:49 PM
It looks like we are fast becoming subjects, not citizens..



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