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Humanity Has Stopped Thinking Of The Future And It's Our Kids That Will Suffer The Most.. You Are N

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posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 11:36 AM
I just went to this site:

It's hilarious, very funny, even scroll down and click next page
But you know what?
As I was reading and laughing my arse off I thought, "What About The Son/Daughter, How Will They Feel Watching This When They Grow Up"?

Isn't this incredibly wrong?
Not only does it show that society is scum, and ya sure it's great we can have a laugh about it...

But.... What about the children?
How will they feel when they grow up and see their parents acting like this, assuming any of them are left around and the kid is not in a foster home.

Imagine our society in 40 years from now
This is evolution?

I get scared just thinking about how society will be 40 years from now
There probably will be mass rape everywhere you look if we continue down this path

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by ModernAcademia

I disagree 100%

I feel the next generation will be even better than we were. I feel all this crap we have to deal with is because of the prior generation. We are more enlightened. We are not easy subdued by coc aine, disco balls, and "being cool."

I look back just 20-30 years ago. When public schools systems were all about being on top. Fitting in with other people. Changing who you are to fit it. Yes this happens nowdays, but i feel that people care a lot more now then they did before, i feel the generally population isn't completely full of retards like it was before.

I don't know its hard to explain.

But i think about this. Everyone i know under the age of 30 parents are split up. Nowadays, most people i know under 24 have had the same significant other they had since 16.

I just feel like society cares a lot more about the future now, not the corporate elite, but the generally population has better knowledge of whats truely right and wrong now, when before everyone was in the mentality that "what i'm told is right, is right"

Sorry for being so vague, not much time.


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