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Wikleaks information war...

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 11:11 AM
I am sure many people here are aware. That at this very moment a war is being fought. This is an information war.
The powers that be have done a fine job of smearing Julian Asange. The public and many members on here have swallowed it. Hook, line and sinker.
Many people here on ATS want truth and want to deny ignorance. This man is offering you truth. He has put his life on the line to give it to you and in return many of you join in the smearing.
Today for most of the day. There were two WL posts on the front page of ATS:

Assange captured (Update: Source mistranslates Swedish Article) and Wikileaks Exposed - The man behind the NWO Curtain

Now there is nothing wrong with either of these posts but i find it difficult to comprehend on a website that denies ingoracne. Why we can be so ignorant. The Assange captured thread was denunked yesterday. Yet is was allowed to continue to run and hit top member pick. Why was this thread not hoaxed well a mod was asked and this was the reply given.

"A MOD said earlier that it can not be moved to the hoax bin as the poster did not intend for it to be a hoax; but was mislead by propaganda. Knowing where the propaganda came from is vital, so the thread can not be moved to the Hoax forum."

Again that is fair enough. What is intersting is that the same rules do not apply to other threads
An example given was regarding 911 and mosad.....

I requested clarification from a mod and got none. However the name was changed to make the thread slightly less misleading.

Now i am not here to poke at ATS, beause ATS is just a small cross section of opinion. My point is that this is crossboard. From conspircay sites, MSM politicians etc. A couple of examples below:

"Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders?" wonders Sarah Palin,

"I think Assange should be assassinated actually," declares the political science professor Tom Flanagan. "

Jonah Goldberg of the National Review asks: "Why wasn't Assange garroted in his hotel room years ago?

These are pretty strong remarks and there are many more if you look. What is causing such resistance and hate. This mans crime? To speak out against the empire,

I think the reason people are being so hateful is becuase they are scared. Maybe this is like a paradime shift that occurs in science and stuff. We do not like change. We like things the way they are. It does not matter if wikleaks goes down or not. The message is out and this can be done again. We are ushering a new era of truth and it is long overdue.
This my friends is a war of information for he that controls the present, controls the past. The internet is the present it is our collective mind. What is available and what is not avaialbe deteremines who we are and want we value. I think this is what Julian means when he refers to history insurance and changing history.

Lines have been drawn and the game has been set. This game however in my eyes will have an enviatable outcome. The powers that be will loose and we will usher in a new age of journalism and for one simple reason:

'No-one can change an idea whos time has come'


posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 11:28 AM
Bravo! S & F for you.

I couldn't have said it better myself - and with an ego the size of mine, that's sayin' somethin'.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 11:31 AM
I am interested in the cables..I find it fascinating. I see both sides of the argument, of how shining the light on the truth will fight ignorance and open the eyes of many to the true nature of the earth

I also see the arguments of how pushing the trivial to the front may indeed make diplomacy less effective...which of course, when diplomacy fails, bombs fall. so there is that to consider.

This chap, Julian..meh, he is the figurehead of the organization..pushed forward so the company has a face..arresting or murdering him will do absolutely nothing to stop the leaks. Shooting the clown at McDonalds will not stop McDonalds from serving burgers worldwide

I think ultimately its best to be completely neutral about all of this...see both sides of the argument while avoiding the temptation to "side" with anyone. there is nothing to stop the leaks, so read em -shrugs-...but sometimes exposing a secret simply to expose a secret is not some great thing to do...if it serves a point in exposing a crime, then brilliant..but if the only reason behind it is to destroy diplomacy for the he said/she said nonsense, well...nobody likes those types of people in life, and you shouldn't like them in any light. should serve a actual point
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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 12:45 PM
Yay, i might understand this partially...Kinda makes me feel bad that I spent hour looking through the data and all I got is one post criticizing Wikileaks and saying that Assange is chinese plug. I just feIt bad. I think the negative impact might have something to do with a fact that most of the posters here are US citizens or Tea party members, whom are rather more nationalistic than people from other countries...(not that I think all Americans are like that...just one hypothesis...).
I mean I support Wikileaks, yes. But I don't take a stand weather his methods to get to the end result were good. to me only the end result matters.
Here is link to my Assange's framing thread (sorry OP for advertising....)

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 04:03 PM
great thread for a start but we cant blame the american people for the rubbish that they are fed on a daily basis by there news companys etc.... we do have sensationilistic news papers etc... in the uk but most people with any intelligence look at these papers for what they are and dont read too much into them as they think of them as entertainment and ways to read about football (soccer) and rubbish imo like the xfactor or other reality tv shows, but in my times in the usa i find watching news so different than when i watch the bbc or especially channel 4 news .
we in the uk do have politicians who talk out of their behind but i think that politicians have a bad image in the uk of talking absolute rubbish and i get the impression that in the us people choose their side and believe anything they say. i know that this can differ from state to state and there are many people who dont trust the system in the us in all states but if you are bottle fed bull s**t from day one then it can be very hard to change your views.
i can see that since bush and the not so different obama, that american peoples views are starting to change and this is a very good thing for the world but hopefully this hasnt come too late.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 04:26 PM
Wikileaks has become a well known name because of the MSM, and without this coverage it would be no more well known than ATS. In my opinion the revelations this site has shown me are simply irrelevant to the big picture and I have absolutely no faith that they will change anything anytime soon. If they had a real desire to make big revelations, they'd do away with all the gossip.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 04:46 PM

Originally posted by purplemer

The powers that be have done a fine job of smearing Julian Asange. The public and many members on here have swallowed it. Hook, line and sinker.
Many people here on ATS want truth and want to deny ignorance. This man is offering you truth. He has put his life on the line to give it to you and in return many of you join in the smearing.

Imo, the problem with people debunking what Assange is doing is because we have been misled sooooo many times, and we have been fooled sooo many times, that it has become a defense mechanism to deny anything and everything until there is absolute irrefutable proof. In the past I have questioned this man and his motives. But the more I see, the more I think I was wrong in my initial harshness. Why would anyone "waste" his life and time doing something that he did not believe in or that would accomplish a purpose by exposing the truth? Why can we not believe someone really has altruistic motives?

I am proud of him for what he has done. He has not been a fear monger like so many others. He has actually put his energies into a positive action. Truth is ugly and those who have been exposed would certainly be the ones to try to change the focus of what has been presented and they would be the ones to try to convince the crowd that he is a "double agent". What? You really expect the naked ones to man up to what they have done? What would you do if someone revealed a true skeleton in your closet? Wouldn't it be a predictable reaction to do everything in your power to discredit them? That is what I see happening here.

I think Assange is a one of a kind and a risk taker. I think Truth is his priority in life. I don't believe that anyone p*wns him. He has a track record of doing enormous good for other groups that have used people and kept secrets from them by exposing a lot of other things on his website.

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 04:47 PM
thank you for the insight s+f
does anyone remember the pentagon white paper that came out?
it talks about how they are going to discredit wikileaks
seams to me word for word play by play
this white papaer is being put into force
its funny if you think about it
you trust the govenment
but distrust wikileaks for being a govenment front
look at the attacks
look at the white papaer
look at what they said we must do
look at what they are doing

anyone bashing wikileaks has no skin in the game
and hasnt looked into the backround of how
this was going to play out

so look again at the white paper and tell me how your neck is on the line
because someones neck is on the line

good luck wikileaks


posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 04:48 PM
I think people are jumping the gun on their convictions. Being able to fully read through that information is impossible, so how do you know what the media is saying is even true?

And even if you could read it all, it would be too late.

I suggest waiting until more cables are released. I'm sure when the cables with the UFO references in them hit, it turn disbelievers into believers, and assange hater's will be like "OMGZ ALIENZ HERE TO SAVZ US FTW!!!"

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 06:43 PM

Originally posted by lewman
great thread for a start but we cant blame the american people for the rubbish that they are fed on a daily basis by there news companys etc.... .

I never meant to come across in a manor of blame. People are people the world over.


posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 08:02 PM
I have dug up some possilbe links to the Bilderberg Group and the persecution of wikleaks. Further info can be found here.. Soz i cba to retype...

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