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Guinness World Records Recognizes Cisco Router

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posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 12:45 PM

Thu Jul 1,12:33 PM ET

By Ben Klayman

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The same book that boasts the world records for most glasses balanced on a chin, the tallest snowman and longest continuous clapping session, now includes Cisco Systems Inc.'s (Nasdaq:CSCO - news) new machine that directs Internet traffic.

Guinness World Records certified Cisco's CRS-1 router as the highest capacity Internet router at 92 terabits -- 92 trillion bits per second -- of total throughput. That makes it the first networking technology to be recognized by Guinness World Records, which has tracked record-breaking achievements around the world for almost 50 years.

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I find it curious that they does this for technology stuff. I mean, how long will it take before comes out with a more powerfull router? 6 month? A year? (altho 92 terabits/seconds is quite something)

Will they change the record holder each time a new piece of technology beats the previous one?

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