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The names change but the story remains the same

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posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 10:12 AM
After years of being on the net, I finally got my first "scam" letter.
I will post the entire email in a second, just wanted to discuss why people are so guillible. The funny thing that I see is that people will believe almost anything these days becuase it came in their email.

Just be aware that I DO NOT recommend clicking on the link, just want to make people aware of the "Nigeria Scam" (though I am sure many of you already know about it)

Anyway, here it is

I am Mrs Mariam Abacha , the wife of the late head of state of Nigeria. My
husband died in 1997. There is a confidential deal which I want to
introduce to you.
My late husband had the sum of $45Million dollars in a security company
here in
Nigeria. But due to the fact that the present government wants to
confiscate this
fund, I secretly pushed it to europe through a diplomatic courier service
Now, my family has decided to make use of this money.Therefore,we decided
to contact
you for a possible assistance.All we want from you is to assist us to
claim this
fund for my family in Europe.We decided to compensate you with 25% of this
fund. 5%
of this fund has been mapped out to take care of any expenses that we may
incur.Reply All the documents relating
to this
fund are with my family lawyer. Hence , I shall link you with my family
lawyer as
soonas I get your response.Due to the fact that the federal government
mornitors my
family, my communication with you shall be strictly via email alone.
Please your
urgent response is highy needed so that this fund could be claimed
soonest. God
bless you. Mrs Mariam Abacha

الآن .. أقوى إنترنت مجاني .. و في كل محافظات مصر .. أطلب 07070101 أو ضغط على

مصراوى .. خدمات أقوى .. كل يوم

posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 10:45 AM
Hahahaha I got that same email not 5 days ago. It was the first one I've ever received too (well atleast the first I've opened). So funny... I don't even feel bad for the people who get scammed by these fools.

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