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Google Earth reveals Star of David on roof of Iran Air HQ

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posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 01:02 AM

Building was constructed by Israeli engineers prior to Islamic Revolution; Iranian officials incensed, call for Jewish symbol's removal.

Did Israeli prankster architects sneak a Star of David onto the roof of the Teheran airport, or is the controversy in Iran over a Google Earth revelation much ado about nothing?

Regardless of whether it was happenstance or an act of architectural subterfuge, government officials in Iran were incensed this week when they discovered the outline of a Star of David atop the roof of the headquarters of Iran Air, Al- Arabiya reported on Monday.

The six-pointed star was discovered by an eagle-eyed Google Earth user recently, over three decades after the building that houses the national airline of the Islamic Republic was constructed by Israeli engineers.

Israel and the Shah’s Iran maintained good ties until the Islamic Revolution of 1979 ended the relationship. Before 1979, Israel brokered arms deals with Iran, and there were regular flights between Teheran and Tel Aviv.

Once the existence of the Star of David was reported in Iranian media, government officials called for the immediate removal of the apparently offensive Jewish symbol.

The discovery of the symbol came three months after the Iranian public learned of the existence of a Star of David on the roof of a building in Teheran’s Revolution Square.

So - there are Davids star in airbase rooftop, where Iranian pilots have flown for decades without caring about it at all? In my eyes this just one proof, again, how little hate there are amongst regular folks against anyone - pilots, who have seen that symbol over there for decades now ...- And we need some Google Earth user - probably foreigner, to start an outcry from this symbol over there, and Iranian leaderships decision to remove it?

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 01:07 AM
Maybe they should just replace it with a big X, as in, 'marks the spot'.
Or, maybe they should sell out and let TARGET put their logo up there.


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