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November 14th. Mystery Explosion in Park beside my House/Apt.

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posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 12:27 AM
I wasn't going to report it, because it might sound silly or stupid, but on Sunday November 14th, even while I might have been posting on ATS, there was a huge massive explosion sound, eminating from the park directly across the street from where I live in "Kits" Vancouver Canada. I heard it, but for something reason didn't given it much heed (maybe glued to some thread on ATS, like that of an Alien Artifact existing in the heart of the Pyramids of Egypt or some such thing..), but my room mate shouted into the house "what was THAT, there was a HUGE explosion!!!", and I shouted up something barely intelligible, and didn't give it much thought, until talking to them about it a few days later..

We're outside smoking (no smoking in doors), and they bring it up, my room mate and his girldfriend, who were outside beside the house at the time, smoking, (must quit that eh?), and they both said that it almost blew out their eardrums, and she saw a reflecting light on the high rise appartment building further around the block which encircles the rectangular park, directly on the other side of the road from the townhouse I share, but for some reason they did NOT run over, just across the street to fully investigate it, they were quite startled, but it was rather odd that they didn't go and check it out, just to see what the F it was, if nothing else. It get's more interesting, in terms of this lack of willingness to investigate. My other neighbor, a few houses down and also right beside the same park, direclly beside a tiny lane running behind his house he also heard it, and felt it, and was also almost deafened by it, and he said he almost jumped right out of his skin, but he too, didn't for some reason or another feel compelled to run outside, right behind his own house and try to find out what the hell this BOMB explosion WAS!??

My roomates' girlfriend indicated that she peered over there just a little later (through a large hedge beside our house beside the road beside the small park) and that she saw lots of people combing the park with bright flashlights, and was of the impression they were police, because of the numerous flashlights combing, but again she did not so much as cross the street, to see. And also again, neighther did my neighbor. At the time of the bomb, and my roomate insists that's what this was, there was no sound of kids, prangsters, a car leaving, anything like that, just one m-f'ing LOUD explosion from the park on the other side of the street, and according to Linda (we'll call her for purposes of anonymity) accompanied by a bright light reflecting off the large appartment complex another half block over - so this was HUGE, like a large explosive BALL. Also strangely, neighther she nor my room mate were aware of any sounds of sirens, amid all these police with high powered flashlights searching the park, or of the presence of the arrival or parking of any police cars, just a huge explosiion, people combing the park with flashlights, without any indication of what it was, nor even having the wherewithal to simply cross the street to see - they were THAT scared, and their hearing was damaged for about a week as a result, same with my neighbor.

No report in the news the next day.

Maybe it was a space-time bubble of bounded energy releasing, on the predicted web bot date..?

OTOH, it was just sneaky kids with a major pipe bomb, setting it off, and slinking away, the flashlights those of people from the surrounding homes, running in there to see, with my dumb friends (and myself) not doing anything but rubbing thier ears afterwards and me, continuing, unpreturned, excited about making a reply to a post in a thread on ATS!

It had an air of mystery to it, that's what I'm conveying here.

I have absolutely no more information than this.

Just reporting it for whatever it's worth.

For me anyway, something very significant and mysterious occured on November 14th, 2010.

That's all.



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posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 12:46 AM
Well I can't prove it was significant, but the story about it from my own room mate and neighbor afterwards, kind of freaked me out, given the date, and my involvement in all these threads here, who the hell knows..?!!

Just something strange, one of those things that make ya go hmmm..

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 12:57 AM
The only other piece of information available (said like Sherlock Holmes) is that the next day, there was no burn mark in the park, no indication of a "bomb", there was no smoke at all at the time either, and the presence of flashlights searching for a while implies that they did not find any evidence of a bomb either, which of course only adds to the mystery of it. Frustratingly nothing else can be known or sumized from it.

This is NOT a hoax thread, but an honest and sincere report.

Sorry I can't offer anything else.

But that's what happened here where I live on the 14th of November 2010.

Beats the crap out of end of the world! Phew, glad no one was HURT!

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