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The AO BTS smilie story

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posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 10:50 PM
Inspired by the absolute absurdity of my recent TFOAOCRT thread where I talk about nothing for the sake of nothing here comes my story of BTS smilies. Because there are so many of them and many of them are so aesthetically pleasing!

yo. check me out. im a dancin jester. back in the days of kings and lordships, I would be taken seriously as someone who amuses people in power.
I know. A TV can be more entertaining but... so is...

a dancing banana! That's right. You don't see no stinkin chiquita badges on me 'cause I'm a free bird, baby. Why am I dancin? Cause no monkeys are around! Woo-hoo!

damn man. that dancing banana is so annoying. what a trip though. You guessed it. it's
and I just ate that stupid dancing banana. It was so good that I chucked a couple of feces at my chimp friends just to mock them. They didn't care for that so much so they chucked a couple of fleshy rocks back at me. Darn... I need a :w:

Ahhhh yes... you ever hear about the time... you know... that... did I ever tell you that I love you man? Youre the... the bestffff.. and I mean that dude. Totally. I feel so good right now but lemme punch you. Please, come on. No wait, lemme smack you with this thing in my right hand.
See? I told you I loved you, man... ahrrrrrr. This is tough love, man. You gotta understand that I got my own... you know... way of show(burp)ing it. Gimme da beer! Keep 'em comin!
oh the almighty alcohol. So good (hic) that I think I am going to (hic) get up... and... no, I'm fine to (hic) drive, man, lemme go. I said lemme go! Gimme my keys, man! Oh, no? I don't have money for a taxi, you bafoon! I spent all my money buyin' us 10 rounds of drinks!

$#&^@%&!. You suck... man... I am going to... change out of this... suit... and... well now you hurt my feelings.
Yeah, man. You think I can't drive and stuff. You think I can't go and pilot a ve-hi(hic)-cle without crashing it or sumfin. So now I'm gonna go over there and... hey... where are you goin'? No, wait... no... don't do that, please... I know I did it to you, but come on man... I don't love you. You suck. :bash:

Yeah I think he's out and down for the count. Meanwhile. I'm pretty hammered myself so I'm going to go outside and shoot some sh**; literally.
Ha Ha! Look at that garbage can tip over--- cause I SHOT it! Ha ha ha!
the windows just go down when I shoot them. Oh no... maybe I shouldn't have done that. Oh no, here comes an officer of the law. :bnghd: Why am I so stupid!

Ya know that it's illegal fer ya to shoot a gun in public here in smileyville? Yessir. Shooten that there gun is a felony in these here parts. Imma guna hav ta arrest ya. :shk: Tsk tsk. But that won't be no fun, wouldn't it. Naw. Hey, hand me that special assault weapon. I'm a gonna execute this criminal right here and now an make a example outta him. Yessir. Burn in hell!

Wow. Can you believe that officer across the street?
He just burned that man alive. How hideous is that? I don't think I have ever seen that happen anywhere, honey. Let's move out of here, ok? What? What do you mean 'no'?
Oh, is that so? Well fine! I don't care what you think. It's over. Oh yeah. I'm through with you. Yeah, bye! And good riddance! Hmm... how much money do I have... hmmm... let's see. Oh, now that's nice. I might have to 'invest' in that particular venture.

whatchu' want, foo?! you want one of my lovely ladies? nah, they ain't cheap. 500 dollas. Yea. That's what I thought. Oh, you got the funds? 1...2...3...4... good, it's all here. Go with him TrunkJunk, and be sure to get a nice tip. Yea. Life is good as a pimp. I got cash. I got hoes. I got it all! 'Cept, I wouldn't mind a nice can of
right now. Haven't had that in foreva! I miss my cuz in hotlanta who is a moderator of his own political debate show.

Man, I am really worried about my cousin in the west side working the street. I have more money than he does but he just doesnt get the idea that you have to work hard to make a decent living. But then again, if you work hard, you gotta play hard too! Ow! Time to hit the clubs and bust a move!

Like, oh... my... gawd. Look at that man over there. he is like... spinning on his head! Oh my gawd, he must be getting the worst dandruff from spinning his head on that dirty floor. Like... I wouldn't go near that. He is totally
from my list. Oh! Oh! It's my gal pal!
Hiiiiiiiiii. Oh you are lookin good tonight. Look at that guy over there. He is still spinning on his head! Can you believe that?

Totally. I can't believe it. Who does that any more? It's like... oh my god... doing the robot for crying out loud. It makes me want to
. Hey wait. It looks like he stopped. He's going to the bar. Oooh he just bought me a drink! Go find your own man and
. This one is mine! Oh, for me? Why. That's nice of you
. You know, I think your dance moves on the floor were totally HOT. Wait, hang on. My lonely friend who JUST won't leave me alone is asking me something.

Like... how could you talk to that freako? What the are you thinking? He's probably like... crawling with diseases and stuff and look at his hair. It's all like... flattened? Helllloooo? You are like... such... a hypocrite. I can't be your friend any more. I'm outta here. Ugh, you disgust me! You're such a whore! He was mine and you took him from me! I don't care if he bought you a drink, I called him first... hello? Nevermind. You'll like... only listen to me if I take drastic measures.

Oh my god! Are you crazy?! Put that down! You can't do that in here! Aaauuuugh!!

Now, how about buyin' me a drink.

[Edited on 7/1/2004 by AlnilamOmega]

[Edited on 7/1/2004 by AlnilamOmega]

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 11:04 PM

And I thought I got bored sometimes.

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 11:22 PM
yep. Busted. I was totally bored with this one.

Deny Boredom!!!

Peace Out

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