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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 07:22 AM


''I wanna know more about this plan of yours'' the first individual says.
''I don't know how you discovered it in the first place'' the second individual calmly responds and adds,''This information isn't for you.''
''I won't stop until you tell me what's going on'' the first individual continues.
''They're offering to take people away before it all collapses'' the second individual replies, as if knowing there's no way around insatiable curiosity. ''Yes, they're certain it will collapse and I happen to believe them.''
''What are the alternatives if I don't have the wherewithal?'' the first individual asks.
''The alternatives are slavery, resistance'' the second individual pauses. ''And of course suicide.''
Three seconds of silence.
''How did they contact you?'' asks the first individual.
''This I can't disclose'' the second individual replies. ''All I can tell you is humans are mere intermediaries. Liaisons, if you will.''
''Wait'' the first individual gathers the thoughts. ''The aliens want money from you?''
''Not the aliens, of course'' the second individual answers. ''These humans are all about trinkets.''
''All of this is a gross oversimplification'' the second individual interrupts. ''You just wouldn't understand the rest. No offense.''
''How much do they want from you?'' the first individual ignores a subtle insult.
''A lot'' the second individual says.
''And you're just gonna give them what they want?''
''The prospects are unusually uncertain'' the second individual continues. ''Even if they are lying, which is always a possibility, I wanna give it a shot.''
''The number of egomaniacal messiahs has been increasing exponentially, I'll give you that'' the first individual adds.
''It's always like this when things get out of hand'' the second individual affirms. ''All factors are connected. The point is to discern them. Besides, liars mess things up. Eventually.''
''How are they going to take you?''
''A meadow.''
''Correct'' the second individual nods. ''Just like in sci-fi movies.''
''Wow...if I didn't know you're a billionaire, I wouldn't believe a word of it.''
''I'm glad you're so convinced money buys credibility.''
''You didn't get it from the internet, did you?''
''No. I'd be immediately targeted by the powers that ban.''


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