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SCI/TECH: Study Names "Axis of Spam" Nations

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posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 02:05 PM
Most of that junk e-mail you get advertises products and services and includes a URL link to a website. Who would be low-down and dirty enough to host a website for products advertised on so hated a medium as SPAM e-mail? A recent study by an anti-spam company names them.

Junk mail host nations named and shamed
Five countries are hosting the overwhelming majority - a staggering 99.68 per cent - of spammer websites, according to a study out yesterday.
Most spam that arrives in email boxes contains a URL to a website within an email, to allow users to buy spamvertised products online. While 49 countries around the world are hosting spammer websites, unethical hosting firms overwhelmingly operate from just a few global hotspots. Anti-spam vendors Commtouch reckons 73.58 per cent of the websites referenced within spam sent last month were hosted in China, a 4.5 per cent decrease from May. South Korea (10.91 per cent), the United States (9.47 per cent), the Russian Federation (3.5 per cent) and Brazil (2.23 per cent) made up the remainder of the "Axis of Spam".

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Spam is used to advertise a wide range of things from home mortgages to online casinos, but the undisputed "King of Spam" is: Viagra! The ubiquitous ads for this prescription drug used to treat erectile difficulties make up 14% of all junk mail solicitations.

Asia may host the websites, but the U.S.A. still hold the lead in the origin of Spam. More than half of junk mail on the Internet comes from computers the United States.

In the month of June, Commtouch detected that spam was sent from 167 countries, up from the previous month in which 160 countries were sending spam. The United States continues to lead as the main origin of spam, with nearly 55.69% of all spam being sent from the U.S. Asia is the second continent after North America, having been the origination point for over 20% of spam. The volume of spam email originated primarily from the following countries:

1. United States 55.69%
2. South Korea 10.23%
3. China 6.60%
4. Brazil 3.35%
5. Canada 3.08%
6. Hong Kong 3.03%
7. Japan 2.46%
8. Spain 1.80%
9. France 1.23%
10. United Kingdom 1.20%

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posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 10:19 PM
Only 55% from the US. Ok so it is bad but its not as bad for the US as I thought.

posted on Jul, 1 2004 @ 10:32 PM
The US's largest cable modem provider Comcast has taken some action to reduce the amount that originates from their network via hacked home computers, "Zombie PCs." That is a good sign.

Comcast sends out less spam

The volume of spam originating from the US cable giant's network has dropped by more than a third, after an email loophole was blocked.

Cable giant Comcast on Thursday said the volume of spam originating from its network has dropped 35 percent since it blocked an email loophole weeks ago. The new data comes after Comcast, the nation's largest broadband service, earlier this month began blocking a gateway that spammers commonly use to send mass volumes of unsolicited email. Called "port 25," the gateway lets PCs send and receive email based on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), the most common technology for exchanging messages.

That is still about 464 million messages per day.

posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 09:20 AM
There is nothing I love more than opening my email box with about 50 emails telling me I can enlarge my penis and get more chicks, ect........................

I heard that whole scam where the "King of Nigeria" wants to put his 37 million dollars in your bank account cuz the law sayus he has to comes from Holland.

I actually responded to the email once, gave them a fake bank account and the phone number to a local strip club and told him, heres my bank account, it already has 3 million US dollars in it, so could you please earmark your money when you deposit it so it doesnt get mixed up with mine? Thanks, if you have any problems, contact me at the above number, my work phone, just ask for Shakina the Divina.

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