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A Day of Thanks to you my friends.

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posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 03:05 PM
Let me begin and end with a word of thanks to you . Being that you are all my brothers I choose this moment to give thanks to the learning given by all that are here and in the "World". Seeing everything at one time and seeing an abstract Lucifer's handcuffs tighten around God's wrists here on Earth , while the ego displays its percieved dominance over Gods free born sons , I want to give what little knowledge I have recieved in order to bring him back to his right mind and the Universe to bring itself into harmony with the earth. Everyone of us has to become brave and look at the solution. Witnessing 34 percieved "years" of chaos bloodshed and the seperation, I would draw your attention to the healing factor. Being a beacon of healing is the only way out of this. Love , Understanding and Forgiveness is the Key . Love God's perfect Son, Your Brother that you see everywhere. Have understanding of his reasons both positive and negative. Have forgiveness of what you did to him, and he to you. Become friends with The Universe and God as that is all he wishes for and waits to have. Open your doors and relese the fears. Choose compassion and life for all that have the gift that it gave. Whatever the thought system, peace is the goal. Bring peace to the world without individual gain. There is an answer there and it asks you for your blessing and good power.
Focus on what matters this time, Peace for all . Whatever time frame is written can be changed with only 1 of his sons. To have everything requires giving everything. Thank you for all the knowledge in the most heartfelt way , In the end knowledge is happiness aside from what the World says is. Learning is all that matters .Thank you Universe. I believe in you, I believe in all of you Good , Bad , do whats best for your creator , heal this World for its future children.
Doing my best for you Sincerly,
1 guy in Ohio

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