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Air Port security

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 08:42 PM
These are just some simple questions I have about the excessive air port security being used to deter the non existent Terrorists. Including the Full body scanner and the through pat down of everyday law abiding citizens and children alike.

Why is this type of screening only in airports why not at train stations or in your drive way before you get in your car?

Whats to stop a terrorist from blowing up a train filled with people. Whats to stop a terrorist from packing a car or truck or van full of explosives and driving into a heavily populated building and detonating? Its been done before on US soil and happens all the time in the middle east.

A lot of people talk about safety on an airplane like thats the only way a terrorist is gonna kill people, by blowing up a plane or crashing it into a building. There are thousands of ways a terrorist could kill a mass of people, But our government only focuses on airports so we feel safe. Why?

Thats the Illusion I guess.

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