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Yay or Nay, Improved Methods Of Tracking For Officers

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posted on Nov, 24 2010 @ 07:34 AM
A recent thread of an officer forgetting his gun on an aircraft made me wonder.

Would it be worth it to spend billions of dollars improving our current police officer's tracking methods? ie install mini cameras that must be on whenever an officer is on duty to record what really happens, which is not too much to ask for right? I mean should that not be mandatory,we do it with their cars right? Video evidence is the most important, and if the officer is really in the right he should not worry about the cameras right? Also with the cameras perhaps a mic to go with it, in a way that the equipment is concealed as to not effect the officers movements.

As we know there is just too many disgusting stories and videos of corrupt police officers doing horrible acts towards us and then saying we were in the wrong. A quick google search confirms this. The judge also usually always takes the side of an officer over a citizen, so would video/audio evidence not help the officer if he is in the right and prove when they stray into the wrong?

But what is worse is that when we are actually in danger, we need them, and they always come usually in a timely manner.

So would it really be that big of a deal to make turning in camera/audio evidence a part of their work just like clocking into work so they get paid?

Maybe put some on those TSA bastards while we're at it.

So Yay or Nay ATS?

This is a copy of my previous thread I started last night, but since it was night it just vanished so I'm reposting it.


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