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The reality of it all!

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 06:00 PM
This is my first post on this site so please bear with me!
I have been following just about any site that has pertinent information as to what is going on in this MAD MAD world.
Like a lot of you I have followed , it appears that we are looking at events that have been planned well in advance and we are trying to 1: make sense of it , condoning it or just griping about it.
Let us all face it together! It is an agenda and our response and moods reflect to give a new sensationalized direction to keep everyone jumpy and afraid of the NEXT revelation.
Please lets wake up ! Those things always hide the reality of what is really planned. WE do not look past what is being said while the activities go on under the noses of everyone.
Follow the money, follow the greed and holier than thou attitudes and you will realize that the duping goes on . We can all sit on our ass until we are judged by the ones with no power as they are NOT above GOD.
Greed, corruption and the dumbing down of the populace to allow the ones who think their s**t doesn't stink is not the aim of our Prime Creator.
We are 6.5 billion people that are barred from the knowledge held by a few. We could have a good and healthy life but all trust is being eroded by people who have so much greed of having that they have become paranoid. The world does not belong to them , but to all people regardless of race or creed, intelligence or social stature. It is OUR world and no one can or should control us in a manner that it demeans the poor and helpless . Especially if it has been brought about by the power hungry and GREEDY.!
Peace and love!

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