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Has america lost its "mojo".

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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 04:56 PM
**** This is in no way a thread bashing the U.S of A.......its merely a thread on how i think the perception of this country in the eyes of those from elswhere has changed. i would be interested to see if others from other countries agree ****************

I would be interested to hear from other people in regards to the fact that i think the U.S has lost its "mojo". I can remember as a child we grew up worshipping anything american. If you met an american it was like wow.
We admired everything "u.s". Their t.v shows, their cars, their patriotism, their sport, their leaders and when they spoke, the world listened.

im now 43 and i think in the last say 6 years, the allure of all things "american" has been badly tarnished. i dont think that the world looks to the u.s with rose coloured glasses anymore. when a star came out to australia years ago all the australian t.v shows would climb over each other to interview them and crowds gathered where ever they went. now its just like here comes another twit, who gets paid mega money for doing whatever the paid advisers whisper in their ear because they are too dumb to think for themselves. its not only celebrities, its the whole "hollier than thou" attitude of the polititions, business people, stars and any movers and shakers from their.

in my humble opinion, i think this can be put down to a few people and a few events. The whole world listened when george bush told us that the baddies had weapons of mass destruction. this proved to be not true. i dont blame them for thinking that they had them, but we all thought that america was smart enough and had the fbi and the cia and they were the best in the world at intelligence to know if it was true or not. hurricane katrina and those haunting images of people begging for food and water, then onto mundane things like that skanky paris hilton, brittany spears and lindsey lohan. even trying to take the secretary of state, hillary clinton, serious when you know what her husband was up to in the oval office while she was out prunning the roses in the famous rose garden.

It just seems to me that before, when the mighty u.s spoke, all other countries shut up and listened to a certain extent. now days its like you cant even get it right in your own country so how dare you try and tell the rest of us that you are in charge. its just like the rest of the world is the classroom, and the president is the teacher, and you have the naughty kids like iran, nth korea, the taliban in the classroom playing up and no matter how much the teacher threatens them to behave, its too late because they have lost the respect towards the teacher.

i for one hope and pray that america can get its act back together as i think we need a western world superpower to be the strongest, scariest boss. it doesnt go well for anyone if it looks like the lunatics are running the assylam.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by punterdeb

nice post, you make some very good points, especially about the worlds opinion of the good ole USA.

I'm from the USA, and i could not agree with you more, it would seem that the world used to be in awe of "the american dream", american ingenuity, and most of all the american spirit, we fight for whats right.

well, its not so any more, we as americans no longer fight for anyone but ourselves, and amongst ourselves. we are getting so use to TPTB telling us what to do, when to do it, and why....................

just look at all the recent shouting about the TSA, yes, we will maybe talk and complain about it on web sites, we might even stage a protest, but, only if it dosen't interfere with our other plans.

in years past, not only would the parents, or the individual being harrased, having their rights trampeled on, have taken a stand, but, EVERYONE in that line would of stood up for the little guy..

And, until we realize that this erosion of our liberties is not a part time affair, we will be destined to follow the many societies that preceeded us.
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posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 05:39 PM
thankyou for not taking offences at what i posted. it really is just a topic to get a feel if its a world wide thing. i have been reading a lot about the whole airport security thing, and i just dont understand why they dont just target those of the same ilk who have caused the trouble in the past. whats the use of grabbing some poor old american granny with the white hair and feeling her boobs etc. the only thing she would be smuggling is probably a pumpkin pie. the whole "western world" is just so s**t scared of offending anyone of a minority, so we target EVERYONE.

anyway, i think that maybe you guys need to elect a STRONG person who can take charge, get you back to where you came from, instead i have visions of obama in the oval office shooting hoops while he has his feet up on the presidential table. pretty soon airforce 1 will land and the band will strike up "hail to the chief" and he will decend down the steps to find no one waiting to lick his boots.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 05:59 PM
Has America lost it's Mojo or has it been stolen like everything else?
You can't keep stealing from the people and not have dire consequences.
It is all being done by design. Until America wakes up and smells the
coffee, this country will continue to go to hell in a handbasket. Some
people were never meant to lead it however there are some that force
the issue and then cry when it doesn't work. WAKE UP AMERICA
and purge those nasty &%$^*@! out of this great Country before it
is too late. Those in the know, know and because they know, they are
at the very least complicit in High Treason and will be dealt with
accordingly for allowing it to happen. (Everyone knows what happens
to Traitors).

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 08:41 PM
ok, who exactly do you think stole it???

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