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My solution for TSA-related madness -- Applied Darwinism

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 12:37 PM
I proposed it in my comments in one of other threads, but with each passing day I think it starts making more and more sense, so let me present this idea afresh:

a) let's create a fleet of planes, either within existing airlines, or sponsor a new airline, that would operate without any TSA interference

b) let the market determine prices on that new carrier or subsidiary

c) let's establish a 100% legally sound waiver for that carrier, of responsibilities resulting from death of its passengers resulting from terrorist acts

d) roll the dice

Frankly, I would very much like to see people who go nuts with their hate of scanners and pats, vote with their wallets and choose that new TSA-free carrier. Heck, what a fresh business idea. People get what they want, and in due time, Darwin wins.

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