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The "www. Internet. com" as a BIGGER social issue

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 11:36 PM
Don't you see? The "www. internet. com" is OVER POPULATED! You look up something, and you have to WEED through WAY too much. That is because the "www. internet. com" is OVER POPULATED. SOMETHING has got to be DONE! Or else, what you look for will be BURIED in a way equal to trying to find a penny in the ocean.

Write to your TECHNOLOGY makers, and tell them SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. Ask them, what is the point of a search engine if EVERY THING will be buried?

It's getting 90% of the time that the info, or whatever, I look for by search engine, is HARD to pin point. They have speculations and questions MIXED in with factuals. They need to seperate FACTS from FICTIONS, and FACTS from speculations, and FACTS from questions, and FACTS from comments, and FACTS from reviews. That'll be a start.

Web, Maps, News, Images, Videos? That's all? Leave the web option 'AS IS' with the mixes, but add SOMETHING NEW just for EXCLUSIVE AND VERIFIED FACTS. This can create new jobs since some people will have to get busy to perfect such a new option.

The internet is social, no? It has been becoming a common need nowadays, no?

Your input.

It's like a FILE... once it is full, you get a new file and put a new label on it. It's really better for you then. Right now the web search is A BIG FAT MESS. And it is even FILLED WITH DISINFO. So if you will be smart, you will make sure there is a VERIFIED FACTS ONLY option in the search engine option.

If you neaten the streets, what makes you think you can't neaten the "www. internet. com"?

In the mean time I'll bypass the www. internet. com for a lesser populated social "radio" channeling by way of 25 watt, two-way VHF marine radio. The thing certain MONITOR-TYPE, disinfo agents love to hate (It's two-way VHF marine radios and two-way CB radios also).

edit on 21-11-2010 by XsameXoneXotherX because: Breaking the internet's disinfo agent's hearts and egos.

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