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New World Order Spiritual Center - Mount Meru?

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 10:48 PM
Many mystics talk about Kashmir, and its particularly holiness. Its situated between the great himalays and the Pir Panjal mountain range.

I was reading a particularly interesting author named Eugene Narret ( a very well read professor of western literature and geopolitics, and he suggested that maybe the elites situating themselves in afghanistan might have to do with getting a foot in the Kahmir valley in pakistan.

Apparently, in occult thought, there are two locations on earth associated with two basic archetypal realities. In Kabbalah theyre identified with the two names used in the Bible for G-d. YHVH and Elohim. The former connotes "being" and the latter "powers".

Jerusalem in Hebrew literally means "Complete Awe" "Yeru - Shalem". Its associated with the higher name. Israel is unique because its actually contains the lowest place on the planet earth (the dead sea). So in a symbolic sense, Israel is 'lowly' and humble.

Conversely, Kashmir is a low lying plane between two massive mountain ranges. It would therefore be associated with the other name, Elohim.

Let me just briefly mention that both names are aspects of G-d. The first means simply, being. and so it refers to a transcendent reality that is completely beyond this world. Elohim is associated with nature. For one, nature appears as many different "powers" and also, the numerical value of this word, is the same as the word for nature (HaTeva) and "vessel of YHVH" Kli YHVH. So, the point is pretty clear.

Eugene Narrett suggested that the elite intend to supplant Jerusalem as the worlds 'holy capital' and move it to Kashmir, which is associated with eastern religions, and the gnostic worship of the various 'powers' in reality. Apparently, he believes the elites want this and believe that doing this will have a transformative influence on the macrocosmic energies of reality.

Its an interesting, albeit, arcane explanation for whats going on in the world. Im not sure what to think about it, but it makes sense. MT. Meru is located in a unique area. The worlds '4 great religions' sort of coincide here. You have Buddhism to the East, Hinduism to the south, Islam to the west and christianity (Caucusus) to the North. so its sort of the meeting point between the 4 great religions. Also, theres a philosophy which underlies these 4 traditions that some authors have coined 'the perennial philosophy' (aldous huxley) or the traditionalist school.

Basically, he contrasts Judaism, and Jerusalem, with these 4 religions, who each share a similar underlying belief system, in Kashmir (im reminded of the very cryptic Led Zepellin song, which was written in morocco, an islamic country, yet called kashmir, referring to an area in northeastern pakistan). In Islam this is Sufism and and in Christianity, gnosticism - both of which parallel the base philosophy of the dharmic traditions.

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